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TOPIC: Our Green Lanes - saved ?

Our Green Lanes - saved ?
11 Jan 2018 15:20 #3520

Joe - I am specifically removing emotion from my posts, largely at request for civility, and giving you the opportunity to support/back up your statements which, otherwise, appear largely fallacious.

Please debate the subject matter rather than throw around accusations.

I look forward to your responses to the simple questions posted above.

NB: the only persons I've seen oppose improvements are SOGL.

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Our Green Lanes - saved ?
11 Jan 2018 17:33 #3521

Karl Brown Karl Brown's Avatar Topic Author
I should have added the risk of shoppers also staying away from PG after reading across so many different media for so long where some groups and individuals have deliberately positioned the high street so unfavourably.

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Our Green Lanes - saved ?
11 Jan 2018 22:41 #3522

The public do not need to read group sites to be put off a area they can visibly see it for themselves when they visit the place to see the rundown high street that it has become over a decade the same goes for Enfield Town etc... So your telling me and other residents on group sites that campaigning for a healthier welcoming looking high streets is a bad thing after all The Mayor of London is all for regeneration and he would like to see those managing the areas to do more, as a resident of 48 yrs born and bred in PG how can you call what I am trying to do to better our areas is deliberate sabotage?? ... You are the one who is deliberately & cleverly trying to turn this around and make excuses because you know very well like myself and other residents of PG have had enough of miserable poor quality looking shops, PG needs TLC fact... if you do not see it then you must either not care or you enjoy leaving things to get worse.

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Our Green Lanes - saved ?
12 Jan 2018 08:27 #3523

How can it be accusations, you just don't want to admit the cycle lanes were a waste of money, hardly anyone is using them apart from you, even those that wanted it do not cycle!

You want facts then go to why would residents in PG lie??

Why don't you answer rather then defending rubbish cycle plans.

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Our Green Lanes - saved ?
12 Jan 2018 10:08 #3524

SOGL wouldn't know a fact if it jumped up and bit it on the backside.

As for answering - the only person not answering on this forum, and making hosts of unsubstantiated claims, is you - Joe Mark O'Connor.

Please explain how VAT benefits PG or Enfield BC?
Please evidence your claimed revenue losses?

Add to those:

"campaigning for a healthier welcoming looking high streets" - explain how SOGL has done this and how the pictures posted by Karl above do not show a healthier more welcome looking high street than what was there before?

Over to you Joe.

Please back up ANYTHING you are saying.

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Our Green Lanes - saved ?
12 Jan 2018 12:36 #3525

Honestly, Who do you think you are with all this arrogance, you sound like one of those cyclist that ram their bike into pedestrians, are you one of them?? you answer me that....

Nobody needs to answer anything to you especially to a selfish mean spirited person.

SOGL are campaigning for safer streets and crossings for pedestrians due to cycle lanes have taken over the majority of the pedestrian walk and I have seen with my own eyes they ram their bikes into pedestrians, bikes should not be used as weapons if this continues then cyclist should be made to have a mental health test and pay a fee to use the lanes like every other vehicle user, residents of PG have collated camera pics of accidents and sent suggestions of tests/fees directly to the Mayor of London so its been left in hos hands so we let him make the decision.

The problem that I and other PG residents feel disheartened about for nearly a decade we have seen the upkeep of shop-owners shopfronts tarnish and landlords not maintaining the beauty of the character buildings, only just recently they have just mended the clock above Costas coffee shop because of residents deservedly constant complaining, because that is what residents have to do nowadays is to bombard those at the top to get on with the job and do it right, they are the ones that applied for the jobs not us....residents deserve to have a area where there high street shopping area is maintained well and looks welcoming that is how you get more people wanting to visit their local shops, if they do not have any imagination for new inventions then they should adopt ideas from European countries.

Cycle Lanes do not bring beauty to areas, in fact it brings inconvenience and upset for all, also because all the money they had spent needlessly should of been spent on social care and the upkeep of high street shops...and no-one is willing to change just because Boris Johnson suggested it, he does not even cycle.. there are so many other ways of reducing air pollution rather then throwing so much money away on immature plans, the UK needs more planting of trees and flowers for species to combat pollution, not trying to build one thing that was not wanted in the first place and force it on the British public to change their way of travelling...

They need to put the GREEN back into Palmers Green...

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Our Green Lanes - saved ?
12 Jan 2018 12:52 #3526

Arrogance? This is what I mean about accusations. I am trying to debate objectively and without emotion. Keep things civil.

If you can't answer simple queries regarding your unsubstantiated ramblings, how can you expect anyone to believe or agree with you? How do you expect rational debate to work?!

Cycle lanes haven't taken over the majority of the pavement. Photos prove that.

Why should cyclists have mental health tests? Drivers don't and cause 97% of all road accidents and fatalities - 2 pedestrians have been killed this year already whilst stood at bus stops by drivers. That's as many peds as killed involving cyclists (on the road) all 2017.

You can't spend TfL money, ring-fenced for transport infrastructure, on social care or routine maintence. It doesn't work like that. Though I think like all SOGL you don't really understand how anything works (VAT?!?!?).

Boris was famed for using his bicycle to get around. Seriously, where do you get your information from???

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Our Green Lanes - saved ?
12 Jan 2018 13:43 #3527

I locked two earlier discussions about cycle lanes and shops in PG because of bad tempered quarrelling between Joe and David, and now the same thing has happened again.

Please, no more contributions from either of you on these subjects for the next two weeks. They will all be deleted immediately and if you ignore this rule you will be banned.

Joe, if you ever insult anyone on these forums again, for instance by calling them selfish and mean spirited, you will be permanently banned. That kind of language is completely unacceptable. People who use this website to insult people are abusing my hospitality in providing this website, which costs me money and, more importantly, time.

If people wish to argue against the cycle lanes, that's fine, providing they do so politely and providing they don't keep repeating the same points (that goes for both sides of the argument). And providing they don't simply ignore the arguments put by supporters. Also, I would prefer it if they knew what they were talking about - if you didn't know that Boris Johnson was famous for riding a bike, that suggests that your arguments are not based on facts.

David, please be more polite, you have also overstepped the mark more than once.


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