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TOPIC: Air pollution: What's the problem and what can we do about it?

Air pollution: What's the problem and what can we do about it?
03 Jan 2019 23:10 #5305

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The air pollution that we breathe every day is largely invisible, but is killing us. How did it get this bad, and how can we stop it?

Dr Gary Fuller, an air pollution scientist in the Environmental Research Group at King’s College London, explores the history and affects of air pollution, how we can all make a difference and why he's written his new book: The Invisible Killer: The Rising Global Threat of Air Pollution and How We Can Fight Back.

Listen to a podcast with Dr Fuller.

Improve the quality of air you breathe and reduce your pollution footprint

The impact and health term consequences of air pollution have been dominating news headlines of late, with experts increasingly calling on governments to make air quality a public health priority.

How can you minimise your exposure and reduce the amount of air pollution you contribute?

5 ways to improve air quality FINAL MAIN

  • If you can, walk or cycle for your daily commute, choose quieter routes rather than main roads to reduce your exposure to air pollution. Driving not only contributes to the problem but also worsens exposure to air pollution - research indicates that pollutant levels can be higher inside cars than outside of them.
  • Consider using a route planner that takes air pollution into account, such as Breathe London, so you can choose a route that minimizes your exposure.
  • Reduce your online footprint by choosing ‘click-and-collect’ or ‘collect in store’ options rather than personal delivery. The vast majority of vehicles on London’s roads are delivery vehicles, many of which are for personal online purchases. This increases congestion and emissions, particularly nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.
  • If you exercise outdoors, try to avoid exercising at rush hour when the air pollution has been found to be highest.
  • Contact your local council and MP and ask them to take action on air quality.

For more air pollution tips, check out the London Air Quality Network.

Source:  Kings College London website

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Air pollution: What's the problem and what can we do about it?
02 Apr 2020 09:51 #5306

Our post-CV world is inevitably going to be different but just how we can only currently speculate. One revelation has been the two decade plus expectation of the inevitable move to teleworking having finally happened in as many weeks – things can move (very) fast with the right encouragement.
We’re in very early days for CV linked research, and so much is inevitably best stabs based on early and inevitably incomplete evidence, but an article draws some potentially huge implications from what has been revealed so far: air pollution, as a damaging agent to lungs, is a facilitator of CV harm; and also acts as a vector (carrier) of the virus itself. Conclusion: areas with the worst air quality are more vulnerable to CV. As I say, early days and I wouldn’t want to hang my hat on it, but logically I can see something in it. If so, I would expect to to be a game-changer for the future.
The (quite long) article is linked below, as well as the source-research article and a second referenced article to which explains in the best way I’ve seen so far the sombrero, flattening the curve and all such CV containment strategy related aspects.
If anyone has any spare time …

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