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TOPIC: The influential sing songs of Pray for improvement

The influential sing songs of Pray for improvement 09 Jan 2018 11:50 #3507

Joe Mark O'Connor Joe Mark O'Connor's Avatar Topic Author
Listen, you have been constantly rude and abrupt with your wording towards others on this site, and this is not normal behaviour, and by the way if you read up on Green Lanes SOS site you will read messages from the public how there has been accidents due to the cycle lanes, cyclist colliding into pedestrians and has caused a lot of aggression, pushing and fighting, first we had road rage with car drivers now the new trend is cyclist using their bikes as weapons, its not on!!! just because you cycle it does not give you the right to defend what is wrong that solves nothing but encourages more problems that is not needed on our streets.

I am all for people cycling and using the outdoors for a healthier lifestyle, even I enjoy long walks to get to the shops even to get to work it takes me a good 45mins it makes me feel relaxed from all the stress of travelling by useless london transport. Are you honestly going to tell me that the British people are going to change their ways because they built cycle lanes, we have gyms and the majority of the Brits have a phobia of using them...your either brought up with a love of cycling or not, its not for everyone, it looks good in Europe as its a way of life for them and they love the outdoors.

Haberdashery may not be for your liking but their is a huge market for parents and children who enjoy sewing and making furnishings, drawings and jewellery making, knitting and painting or for those that need general things i.e. buttons, needles etc, just like you enjoy cycling and its good for your health there are other people that enjoy recreational activities to fulfil their lives, I thought I visit this trendy Stoke Newington as I have been told by friends that the area is buzzing because of these shops and it would save me a lot of time and postage looking online, and found that there was a long strip of haberdashery shops on the high street and I was pleasantly surprised to find they were packed with all ages...We have people living in the UK more than ever that come from all walks of life especially in Palmers Green that do ask for why there is no haberdashery shops, so it is not only myself that is saying it, people believe it or not do enjoy making their own creation and were taught from a young age how to be independent.

I do not have to open any shop as its not my vision but I am all for encouraging new and that is why I am a huge advocate of having something different and useful then the rubbish we have now, and I would like those that do have a haberdashery shop in other parts of London to open a shop in Palmers Green as it will be a great asset, David you do not need to purchase anything from their if its not your kind of thing, anyway I work for the NHS I am all about good health and encouraging the public to use less medication and do more fitness and enjoy the outdoors, but unfortunately with the Brits it goes in one ear and comes out the other, they have this glaze look in their eyes like they are falling asleep.

If there was a variety of shops in Palmers Green people would be more excited and enthusiastic to go to their high street and shop rather then going online and be couped at home with no-one around them, that is why we have a huge problem in this country with mental health its all doom and gloom!
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The influential sing songs of Pray for improvement 09 Jan 2018 12:37 #3508

Ah, should have known you were one of the SOGL lot, fits perfectly. SOLG being the anti-everything anti-progress anti-providing any actual solutions group that's put posters up in shops encouraging people to hire ambulance chasing lawyers to sue LBE in respect of anything connected to EMH (e.g. slip & trips, collisions etc).

REALLY helpful. Underfunded Council, SOGL complains they aren't spending enough on the high street, then actively encourages people to sue them.

Empircal evidence and thus far indicated your assumptions regarding cycling, and health and fitness in general, are hocum. Recent TfL report showed cycling was the fastest increasing mode of transport in London for example. We are no different to our European bretheren. Ridiculous to suggest everyone the other side of a narrow channel simply likes cycling because they love the outdoors and Brits don't.

Huge market huge market huge market......go set up a shop selling it and prove your point, becoming an overnight milllionaire in the process. You won't. Because like all the SOGL lot, you're hot air and talk rubbish. Point me to this "long line of haberdashery shops" in Stokey too please? I own a flat there, must have missed it last time I was down Church Street.

It's one thing to advocate. It's another to actually DO.
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The influential sing songs of Pray for improvement 09 Jan 2018 13:27 #3509

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this discussion, which has raised many interesting points but at times has veered too much towards personal abuse (from both sides of the argument) and is at risk of becoming an endless recycling of the same points.

I'm pressing the Reset button and locking this particular thread and the "New trees for Palmers Green Triangle" thread, for the time being at least, but these are very important subjects, so I'll be relaunching them both later in the week. I'll probably ask the three main contributors so far to hold off for a while while we see what other people think.
The topic has been locked.
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