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TOPIC: Save Caxton Road

Save Caxton Road 16 Mar 2017 09:41 #2883

Dave Kingett Dave Kingett's Avatar Topic Author
Haringey Council is planning to

Please, please, please, don't ignore this!

I'm more than slightly alarmed at the Woodgreen AAP (Area Action Plan) now currently includes knocking down all of Caxton rd, and neighbouring houses, to build a pedestrian retail space with a view!

Yes! Including our nice irreplaceable Victorian houses!

[][]I am opposing their plan, but need your voices too.[/][/]


[] [/]

Please follow link below and sign the petition to ​​

prevent Plans to demolish our street.

Please sign, then share on all social media platforms with a personal comment expressing the importance.


Please agree with appropriate comments here, the council’s forum for consultation:

slightly trickier; there are now at least 5 comments logged in the last few weeks by neighbours, to the effect of; “Caxton road”, ”Mayes road”, “Plans to demolish our homes” etc…

Please click to agree with them, again please share them on fb etc and potentially write your own.

Potentially consider independently emailing your opposition to

Here’s a link to the Councils plan:

The brief 'Regulation 18' Public Consultation ends 31st March, if we don't speak up it may be too late!


[] [/]

this has both links to the petition and the ‘commonplace’ Council forum.​

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Save Caxton Road 16 Mar 2017 09:42 #2884

Dave Kingett Dave Kingett's Avatar Topic Author
Thank you for reading, please support petition and share. Thanks again :)

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Save Caxton Road 29 Mar 2017 17:00 #2930

Wood Green resident Dave Kingett has issued a heartfelt plea to oppose the possible demolition of Caxton Road, where he lives. The demolition of this street is one of the changes envisaged in the draft Wood Green Area Action Plan being consulted on by Haringey Council (deadline 31st March).

I've been meaning for a few weeks to write something about the Wood Green proposals but haven't found the time. They would sweep away quite a few rather ugly buildings from the 1970s and later (including Shopping City/The Mall) and restore more of a normal street pattern. However, Caxton Road is not one of these monolithic modern buildings, but a residential street of nice old houses. Its demolition is proposed in order to open up a view of Alexandra Palace - but for the residents of Caxton Road these houses are their own little palaces.

There was a report in the Evening Standard this week providing some more context. See

For more information, use the links below.

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Save Caxton Road 07 Apr 2017 10:55 #2963

Presumably there will be a CPO to compensate anyone at market levels for the loss of their homes they own?

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Save Caxton Road 10 Apr 2017 18:08 #2978

It would be an injustice and a crime not to offer the home owners CPO compensation. Yet, there is huge amount of emotional trauma for these home owners that do not want to lose their homes.

Actually, we often pass this road to venture for our long walk to into Alexandra Park and these are all solid, very pretty Victorian Houses but extremely run down, the home owners /occupiers should had taken better care of their homes, as they may not had featured Haringey Council's improvement plans. However, it still make no sense in their demolition in order to improve Wood Green's outlook all because Haringey Council once allowed for the monstrosity looking, that is the red brick shopping centre and office blocks to be build in Wood Green. Who were these Haringey Council staff that clearly had a lack of good vision to allow such ugly buildings to be build?

Far better and cheaper to pastel paint the houses in Caxton Road and landscape their front gardens, and certainly as long as the road looks clean and pretty they would actually be a highlight feature to the area.

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