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TOPIC: Planters in Fox Lane area 'not reducing through traffic'

Planters in Fox Lane area 'not reducing through traffic' 13 Jun 2019 22:56 #4606

Referring back to Peter Caskey’s contribution yesterday to the debate on this website about the use and misuse of cars on purely residential streets the following points strike me.

Firstly I don’t know whether the majority of residents on the Lakes Estate head immediately for the through roads which surround it when they set out on a journey, but I know that I do, and that other people I know also do. I also do my best not to drive to other destinations via residential streets, although on territory new to me I have made mistakes.

Secondly I agree with Peter C. that the Lakes Estate streets are lined with cars, and that we can agree that most of them are probably well-used. By contrast Enfield Council’s policy is to encourage car owners to reduce the number of driver-only short journeys they make by walking, or cycling, or using public transport. How well that policy is working I don’t know, but standing and watching cars go by doesn’t convince me that it is. On the other hand I hear of greater use of the cycle lanes so perhaps something is stirring.

Thirdly, of course Peter C. had to arrive by van when he was a decorator.

Turning now to the cycle lanes I have not noticed or heard that they’ve caused ‘huge problems’ as Peter C. alleges, but I know that part of the Council’s strategy when it introduced them was to reduce road space; perhaps in the interest of reduced speeding, but also to convince drivers that for short journeys there are often better ways of travelling: walking, cycling and public transport. And now we can add the urgent need recently highlighted by scientists and government to reduce carbon emissions in order to limit the damage from climate change. From several points of view walking, cycling and using public transport have much to commend them.

Cars are wonderfully useful and adaptable, but that has led to serious misuse. Children’s freedoms have been curtailed, a very high proportion of our population is under-exercised, urban air quality is dreadful, many drivers have come to a sense of entitlement which expects that everything should be done in their interest.
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