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TOPIC: Speeding in Hedge Lane

Speeding in Hedge Lane 26 Feb 2015 10:35 #997

Carmen Dutt Carmen Dutt's Avatar Topic Author
can we have some 'speed cameras' on the top section of Hedge Lane, towards Green Lanes.. the drivers are driving real crazy and have no respect for anyone or anything, you try to park and they are behind you and trying to push you out of the way..absolutely dangerous driving and the more you complain the more the Council ignore.

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Speeding in Hedge Lane 26 Feb 2015 18:11 #999

Speeding is certainly a big problem in Hedge Lane, in both directions. In fact, i raised this with the police at the last meeting of the Palmers Green Ward Forum, which actually took place at the sports club in Hedge Lane. On my way to the meeting car after car was setting off the flashing speeding sign on the east side of the bridge. The police didn't seem very interested and seemed to suggest that I needed to take the registration number of every car that I saw speeding. And other people at the meeting starting muttering about how the speeding detectors were going off when people were doing less than 30mph - I don't know how they could possibly know and it suggests to me that they also break the speed limit..

To be fair to the Safer Neighbourhoods police who were at the meeting, I don't see that there's much that they can do, being so thin on the ground. So the obvious thing, I would have thought, would be for the speeding detector to photograph speeding cars as they go by.

There's also an urgent need to tackle red light running by cars coming up Hedge Lane and crossing into Bourne Hill.

This bad driving behaviour is so dangerous, but little seems to be done about it. The police and many of the public seem to think that kids hanging about in the street or people begging are the biggest threats to public safety, but dangerous driving clearly presents a bigger threat.

I don't know whether the council have any clout as far as Hedge Lane is concerned, as I assume that it's part of the network of main roads that is managed by Transport for London.

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Speeding in Hedge Lane 26 Feb 2015 22:19 #1001

Andrew Nix Andrew Nix's Avatar
I was told that speed cameras are only installed if a certain number of people were killed in a given time slot.

The fact that I have almost been killed several times on the new zebra crossing on Bourne Hill by the car wash makes me think that this could be sooner than you'd hope.


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