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Topic: Join the happy team of Broomfield Conservatory volunteer stewards

Join the happy team of Broomfield Conservatory volunteer stewards
05 Jul 2016 00:49 #2189

Basil Clarke Basil Clarke's Avatar Topic Author

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Why not become a volunteer steward, helping the Friends of Broomfield Park open their beautiful Conservatory to the public? I did, and it was one of the best moves I ever made.

Before I started volunteering in the Conservatory, I knew three people in Palmers Green, and one of those was my wife. Now I bump into people that I know every time I walk down Green Lanes or get on a train. And if i hadn't joined the Conservatory team, I certainly wouldn't be running this website.

I know little or nothing about matters botanical, my skills in the Conservatory are limited to using a watering can and greeting those visitors who want to be greeted (not everyone does, of course). But as a Conservatory Steward, I don't need any expert knowledge - my role is simply to open up the Conservatory, talk to people, keep an eye on things and do the odd bit of watering. The rest of the time I can just relax and enjoy the flowers and the peaceful atmosphere.

The Conservatory is only open twice a week, for two hours on Wednesday afternoons and two hours on Sunday afternoons, and most stewards are only on duty once a month, occasionally twice, and then only when they are able to. There are always at least two on duty at a time, so you'll never find yourself alone with a stranger, and the first few times you will always be paired with a very experienced existing steward.

It's certainly the easiest work I've ever done, and the payment is sheer pleasure!

For more information see www.friendsofbroomfieldpark.org/conservatory or email

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