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TOPIC: Poor Air Quality

Poor Air Quality
11 Jan 2019 10:26 #4343

It certainly is a national and particularly global crisis. Here in the UK, as with most of the west, we are in the laps of big oil and the motor manufacturers. It is near impossible to imagine the lobbying leverage of these behemoths on mere national governments craving jobs and investment. The tipping point for cars as the “natural” choice was reached some considerable time ago; it’s going to need a significant reconfiguration to see that position change.

Here’s a small example of the barriers now in place: later in the year I’m in York, a rail transport centre. 30 miles away, down an A Road is the cathedral city of Beverley. Not far at all, so drop by to meet a friend there I thought. Rail? Certainly. Well over two hours, three separate trains and a cost of more than my KX to York ticket. Bus? Certainly The express takes close to 2 hours and has 49 stops. These are the sort of barriers to active travel now in place. That’s why people drive, they’re effectively forced to.

But, “we should be happy and grateful that we have a local council which is doing what it can to encourage walking, cycling and public transport”. I’ll agree with David in most things but I feel we’re on a different page on this particular one. I expect more, a lot more.

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Poor Air Quality
11 Jan 2019 18:07 #4344

David Hughes David Hughes's Avatar Topic Author
Oh dear Karl, I'm afraid that my wording was a bad mistake. What was in my mind was a feeling that it might encourage councillors to move further in the right direction if they heard praise/encouragement from time to time rather than constant criticism. The words "....what it can ....." though are dire in the context. The Council could/should/must do a lot more.

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