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    • Stop The Edmonton Incinerator
    • Standing at the brow of Station Road N21 gives a splendid view of the current Edmonton Incinerator, tucked away as it is in the dip to lessen the dispersal effect of its big stack. Come 2025, after an OK from the Secretary of State, this 50 year old burner will be replaced by a new, significantly bigger burner, expected to be around for at least 30 and most likely 50 years – call it 2070. World temperature will then be ….. Consultation input was extremely sparse, possibly because even now not many seem to know of the plans. I made a case at the time; based on the project’s own numbers, that its processing size should be no more than 450,000 tonnes per annum rather than the proposed 700,000 (the current one is 500,000). Totally ignored, but once the consultation was over the plans were rapidly changed to include sourcing waste from a 50 mile radius and not simply the originally stated North London, as well as to additionally burn commercial waste, not simply municipal (household) as had been proposed at the time of consultation. So it seems that someone’s analysis might have been in the right ball park. But the SofS agreed it and a recent legal case failed to gain a review...
    • In Planning and Development / Pinkham Way
    • Author Karl Brown
    • Yesterday 17:05
    • Date announced for planning panel discussion of So...
    • Weird.... claims to be independent but only crops up to corral negative sentiment and I'm pretty sure my feedback (when there were options to leave it) never got remotely noted. What are you actually looking to achieve here? Given anyone can make reps to the Council in respect of the planning application? And that you do not canvass or survey "the people of Southgate" as a whole, just take the views of those with a grievance that come find you?
    • In Planning and Development / Conservation
    • Author David Eden
    • Yesterday 14:29
    • Date announced for planning panel discussion of So...
    • To be absolutely clear, Civic Voice is the national body for civic societies. The Civic Voice team at the Southgate community workshop were completely independent facilitators and had no views on the development. The facilitators do not live in London, so all views expressed were those of the people who attended. The workshop was intended to allow the people of Southgate an opportunity to express their views on the development, both for and against. If the developers had properly consulted and listened, we would not have needed a workshop or this planning panel.
    • In Planning and Development / Conservation
    • Author Jane Maggs
    • 17 Jan 2020 17:46
    • Public meeting to discuss the proposed Fox Lane Lo...
    • The common beef seems to be the absence of council consultation but I wonder it may be more an absence of effective change management, for I have inkling that the FLDRA area can’t be far off being the most analysed and consulted space regarding traffic in London: numerous council road data sets, data sets from the MPS and Speed/ Road watch; perception surveys a plenty, petitions, campaigns, other informal soft data, public meetings, council meetings, forums, workshops, you name it and the last two decades have seen it. It might well have required someone to forcibly break out of that never ending roundabout to move things forward at long last. To me at least, the P Mandel meeting seemed to project a general consensus from those living with in the area of a need to build a consensus to solve an acknowledged problem. Then it’s the-what? ANPR camera’s received a high profile. A different traffic practitioner now tells me they are indeed possible but purchase would lie with residents; on top of which I guess would come admin, control / management, replacement, dealing with new / exiting residents, enforcement, enforcement disputes, and doubtless several other costs. Is anyone...
    • In Planning and Development / Quieter Neighbourhoods
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 16 Jan 2020 18:17
    • A 'dashboard' showing traffic volumes and speeds i...
    • Of course we should be confident in the data, though I cant see any reason for LBE to provide inaccurate figures ; easier for them to do nothing. Perhaps what’s most important is the materiality of the figures - if I was hit by a car whether it’s doing 60, 70 or 80 is immaterial - I’m a goner. In fact I don’t fancy being hit by any vehicle doing more than 20. The only advantage of a low speed is that I might have time to get out of the way.
    • In Planning and Development / Quieter Neighbourhoods
    • Author Adrian Day
    • 16 Jan 2020 14:42
    • Why alienate your customers?
    • Dear Mr Georgiou, just a couple of points regarding your post. 1 Your point about road tax is completely incorrect. I have added a link to an article that explains why very clearly if you cam be bothered to read it. In short we all pay for roads regardless of whether we even drive. "Road tax" is simply a tax on emissions, hence the varying amounts people pay. It doesn't but you any rights as regards road use. 2 I was born, bred and raised in North London and moved to Palmers Green two years ago. I reserve the right to live anywhere in London or this country that I like. If I don't like the idea of being splattered all over the road by some maniac when I step out of my front door I also reserve the right to object to that. 3 Have you considered the possibility that the majority of the traffic passing through there roads is not local traffic and is on its way somewhere else by the quickest and self centred means possible, not all desperately trying to get to the centre of Palmers Green to patronize one of your businesses? 4 Have you considered the possibility that locals who feel like walking more may feel...
    • In Planning and Development / Traffic, Roads and Parking
    • Author Alexander Boyd
    • 16 Jan 2020 12:38
    • A 'dashboard' showing traffic volumes and speeds i...
    • I am adding this note to simply provide information, which readers can choose to accept or not. But I expect it may still attract comments questioning my motives. However, bravely on. Firstly I am pleased to see that there is a degree of scepticism expressed over the speed data used in the dashboard. I have no doubt that the volume data is near enough correct and perhaps the data regarding the lower speeds also. But the data regarding the speeds of close to 100 mph must be challenged. Because they are frequently used to justify certain arguments. I recently did "the math", based on the laws of physical mechanics in respect of rates of acceleration, velocity and hence distance travelled. Then applied that to published data from car manufactures regarding their models' rates of acceleration. Those who choose to do so will find that it is impossible for a vehicle to have reached a these extreme speeds, travelled for a distance at that speed (remember during acceleration the vehicle would be well below these upper limit) and then decelerate towards the junction. The vehicle would have either flown into the park or similar. So please apply a degree of common sense when looking at...
    • In Planning and Development / Quieter Neighbourhoods
    • Author Richard Mapleston
    • 16 Jan 2020 10:40
    • Training for community groups wishing to submit a ...
    • Want to celebrate Enfield’s heritage? Calling all voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations from Enfield! The National Lottery Heritage Fund is supporting Enfield Council’s Call for Projects. LBE want to help groups and individuals in Enfield to come forward with projects which investigate and celebrate heritage across the borough. They are hoping that groups who have not run heritage projects before will get involved as well as more experienced groups. The Council is looking for a broad range of heritage projects; heritage can be anything from the past that you want to pass on to future generations. For more information watch this short video. To help you with your project idea, LBE is running a special training event on Thursday 30th January, 6pm to 7.30pm. This will take place at Conference Room 1, Dugdale Centre, 39 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6DS. National Heritage Lottery Fund Engagement staff, Selina Papa, Patricia Lichst, and Judith Carruthers, will be leading the session and refreshments will be provided. The session is your opportunity to find out more and will cover ‘What is heritage’ discussion to help shape your idea An overview of...
    • In Planning and Development / Conservation
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 16 Jan 2020 00:55
    • A 'dashboard' showing traffic volumes and speeds i...
    • I'm an 82 year old cyclist, who cycled a lot in his childhood on roads where traffic was, by current standards, negligible . Then there was a break whilst I dealt with my education and early employment until I moved into deepest countryside 8 miles each way to/from work by 'bike'. That, by and large, was not a lot of fun because much of it was along a major road in the countryside, although one evening, long after dark, and on the section of my ride which was a track, not a main road, I cycled up behind a magnificent stag who didn't hear me coming; indeed I eventually had to shout to get him out of my way. That sort of experience stays with you. But to business. In a sense I sympathize with Klem Klem; by comparison with what I've seen elsewhere in Europe the A105 (Green Lanes) cycle lanes are rather dismal, but the Council has done what can be done on exisiting roads, and for a single cyclist in a well-lit city it's adequate enough. Well done Enfield! Sure the sections on the pavements through the shopping areas could be dangerous, but with a loud bell on my bike's handlebars I get by.................and most walkers are polite and willing to scuttle onto the pavement....
    • In Planning and Development / Quieter Neighbourhoods
    • Author David Hughes
    • 14 Jan 2020 17:16

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