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    • Poor air quality - why do we not take action?
    • Recent work in Leeds supports investment in cycle lanes as a means of reducing air pollution for cyclists; well done Enfield Council. And, as a recent article in The Guardian about the work in Leeds puts it: “People in cars and buses spend longer (than cyclists) in toxic air, as do walkers unless they make detours to avoid main roads.” There was much else in the article affirming and reaffirming the benefits of cycling, but as most of it has been covered elsewhere on this website I won’t labour the issue. However, the article made much of an issue which is perfectly obvious, but I’ve tended to ignore: in urban areas the time spent travelling makes a significant difference to the amount of pollution you inhale. Which is why walking comes out relatively badly, but cycling in general, and especially cycling on a cycle lane, benefits most because its faster and congestion is avoided. Apparently being even a metre or so from congestion cuts down the number of particles by a quarter. Another fact from the article: 40% of car journeys in England are less than two miles, roughly three kilometres, so there is huge scope for increasing walking and cycling. Which of course...
    • In Other Subjects / Environmental Issues
    • Author David Hughes
    • Yesterday 22:11
    • Reinvigorating the high street - don't neglect the...
    • The last, pre-cycle lane, independent town centre review undertaken of arrival mode for PG (and pretty much matched across all Enfield's town centres) revealed a near dead equal split: car, feet and public transport (mostly bus with a bit of train). There was no detail of relative spend between the different modes, by memory, but it said to me, given the near capacity of car parking space we have heard an awful lot about, that the really big footfall opportunity was in focusing on local feet and bus arrivals; and then looking at usage and retention aspects. Are the many thousands of households who live within walking distance of PG centre being provided with what they would willingly open their purses and wallets for - or do they do so elsewhere? I would suggest local traders should be able to drown me in answers to that question.
    • In Planning and Development / Palmers Green Town Centre Environmental Improvements
    • Author Karl Brown
    • Yesterday 17:49
    • Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood: More details
    • Interesting that David E. has tentatively suggested a zebra crossing because the Council is to trial a similar suggestion for the The Mall/Amberley Road junction, with a view to creating a zebra crossing on all the Fox Lane junctions. Personally I'm not sure I want all that white stuff on the roads because I feel that the place where you live should be as visually attractive as the setting will allow, but if we can persuade drivers to form a slow driving habit in QNs perhaps its worth a try. To me its amazing that any driver can think its appropriate to exceed 20kph ( I use the metric figures because its slower than 20mph, but also because it is the country's official system) in a purely residential area leading from nowhere to nowhere, but maybe the increase of areas like this plus the presence of kids on the streets will eventually create different driving habits
    • In Planning and Development / Quieter Neighbourhoods
    • Author David Hughes
    • 13 Dec 2018 21:38
    • Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood: More details
    • Just thinking, (whilst Council may never want the cost, hence this cheapo solution), but wonder whether the footfall would be sufficient to justify a zebra crossing?? Would make it a LOT safer to cross and also act as a bit of a traffic calming measure. Aid connectivity to the parade from the resi areas to the north too - possibly to the added benefit of encouraging walking/cycle as opposed to short car trips. Ditto towards the schools further south.
    • In Planning and Development / Quieter Neighbourhoods
    • Author David Eden
    • 13 Dec 2018 11:04
    • Intimate Theatre gains Asset of Community Value st...
    • There's nothing civilised about a small handful of people obstructing the needs of both the private owners of property and the broader community as a whole. Otherwise we're no better than the French yellow jackets - what's the point of private property rights if they can be ridden rough-shod over?! What ACV will do, as we have seen from the Fox, is simply add a few years and 10s, maybe 100s, of thousands of pounds to the cost of delivering the development regardless.
    • In Other Subjects / Miscellaneous
    • Author David Eden
    • 12 Dec 2018 15:46
    • Intimate Theatre gains Asset of Community Value st...
    • Three comments: 1. It is by no means clear that ACV status would prevent the church from demolishing the Intimate. So your point about "less rights" is almost certainly an exaggeration, if not simply incorrect. 2. Ownership is an important consideration, of course, but is not paramount. It's a mark of a civilised society that wider interests than money and ownership are taken into account. 3. Please do not insult people who you disagree with by using terms like "pathetic" and "childish". This is a civilised forum, not Facebook or Twitter. It's fine to criticise people's views and arguments, but not their character - and those terms imply criticism of the character of people who are campaigning against demolition.
    • In Other Subjects / Miscellaneous
    • Author Basil Clarke
    • 12 Dec 2018 13:30
    • Call for contributions - Short documentary about b...
    • I was interviewed by Hardy Saleh today as part of the making of this film, and felt that it was thoughtfully and thoroughly done. I look forward to seeing the finished product sometime in March/April and hope that parents especially will take time to see it. Nobody who has read my contributions to this website will doubt that I am a strong advocate of cycling, and it worries me that I have seen so few children learning their skills on this protected space for cycling. Presumably this is because parents don't cycle, and don't value it as a convenient way of getting about locally, but they should remember that many developed countries have recognised that there are many benefits: need little space, no exhaust gases, generally safe , very good exercise, easier than walking for many older people with aching limbs. Not convinced, then go along and see the film when it is done and hear the arguments from both sides. Finally bear in mind that it is hoped that the Quieter Neighbourhoods(QN) currently installed, currently being installed, and about to installed, will have low speed limits and some barriers to speeding. I hope that kids will be able to improve their skills there;...
    • In Traffic, Roads and Parking / Cycle Enfield/Mini-Holland
    • Author David Hughes
    • 11 Dec 2018 00:20
    • Towards a new local plan and heritage strategy for...
    • Several other points worthy of note: Broomfield Park (and House) get significant profile in the Heritage Strategy, which ideally will turn into investment. New housing and where to put it is perhaps the biggest impact issue in the plan. The options are: 1. Main roads’ side (A406 and A10; 2. Retail parks (where a theme is to consider moving such retail to town centres); 3. Industrial Land (eastern corridor); 4. Green Belt (partly developed and around Crews Hill); and 5. Within about 20 minutes’ walk of Town Centres and rail / tube hubs, ie PG, amongst others. Realistically any one alone would be unable to take the total weight so most likely we will be looking at a balance of all the above. The implications to the PG area are significant, with the implication of new developments, infill, and “height”, all on a scale well beyond what has been the norm. Town Centres, as with the London Plan, get a large mention. As the London Plan has already pointed out, expect less retail, more mixed use to include residential in town centres, and a move to culture, entertainment and a night time economy, rather than expecting the size of the retail landscape set some decades ago still...
    • In Planning and Development / Planning & Development: Miscellaneous subjects
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 10 Dec 2018 19:24
    • Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood: More details
    • Interesting post. Have you read anything in this thread?! During the day they are no darker than an average car, or, wait for it, pedestrian crossing the road; and at night they are bright white and impossible to miss unless negligent. What do the police, highways agency and highway code all say about driving in "tricky" conditions? Slow down! Take your time and drive at an appropriate speed when you have sufficient control of your vehicle. If you are an incompetent driver and can't help but crash into things , you are to blame, not street furniture.
    • In Planning and Development / Quieter Neighbourhoods
    • Author David Eden
    • 10 Dec 2018 16:47
    • Towards a new local plan and heritage strategy for...
    • I’m not seeing too many surprises, which certainly doesn’t underestimate the challenge and changes we are all going to be experiencing, but picking up the theme of a large number of recent posts under both “Fox Lane QN” and “View form the Saddle”, it’s worth lifting a few comments from the draft plan which very clearly indicate the direction of travel: 10.3.1 The Mayor has set an ambitious aim to reduce dependency on car-based transport in favour of increased walking, cycling and public transport use and sets a target of 80% of all trips in London to be made by foot, cycle or public transport 10.3.3 The environmental impacts of motorised transport have significant implications on the health and wellbeing of people. 10.3.4 … a need to tackle this rising trend (of motorised travel)…… Of the 13 biggest causes of illness and early death, seven have links with the way people travel, including obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney disease, low physical activity and poor air quality. 10.3.5 With 30% of the number of trips made by car in Enfield less than 2km and 60% less than 5km, there is substantial scope to reduce the number of...
    • In Planning and Development / Planning & Development: Miscellaneous subjects
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 10 Dec 2018 14:12
    • Towards a new local plan and heritage strategy for...
    • The consultation on the new Local Plan and draft Heritage Strategy began formally on 5th December and continues until 5pm on 28th February 2019 - see the for some introductory comments. Links to the drafts for comment are below: The lists key challenges: * ensuring there is enough housing to meet everyone’s needs * creating better employment opportunities and promoting economic * reviewing infrastructure and community facilities * the future role of our town centres * creating places that promote health and wellbeing * ensuring development is high quality and protects the environment The council will be organising workshops and drop-in sessions where residents can learn about and comment on the draft Local Plan and draft Heritage Strategy. Dates and times will appear on this website as soon as they are available. There will also be special ward forums covering three wards at a time. One has already been held, for Southgate, Southgate Green and Cockfosters residents. There's a huge amount of information to absorb and think about, so please help the process by posting to this forum thread. You could, for instance, highlight particular points in the drafts which might otherwise be...
    • In Planning and Development / Planning & Development: Miscellaneous subjects
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 09 Dec 2018 23:31
    • Revealing the hidden treasures of Broomfield House...
    • Tuesday 11th December, 1pm - Traditional woodworking inspired by the Broomfield House Staircase by Ralph Hutchings. Hear all about 18th Century woodworking skills from Ralph Hutchings who assisted with the removal of the Grand Staircase in Broomfield after the last fire. Pop into the Dugdale Cafe prior to the talk and purchase refreshments and lunch and enjoy it during the talk. TICKETS: FREE EVENT Online booking is advised but you can also turn up on the day and get a FREE ticket at box office Location: Museum of Enfield, The Dugdale Centre, 39 London Road, Enfield EN2 6DS
    • In Conservation / Broomfield House restoration
    • Author Colin Younger
    • 09 Dec 2018 13:47
    • Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood: More details
    • Adrian Day hits the nail on the head in his explanation of the goals for QNs. Personally, and as another resident in the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood, I’m delighted that steps are being taken to improve quality of life on the estate, and that as a consequence of that kids may be able to get some of their freedoms back. Our QN is not yet as good as it should be, but it is a step in the right direction which could be improved in future. But the exchange, originally prompted by Elaine Hall-Freeman – whose intervention was unfair to the Council because it had changed quite a few of the proposals for the estate at the request of residents – prompts the memory that QN’s are part of the cycle lane plan for the A105 Green Lanes. Without them, with all their new rat-running disincentives, living on an estate along Green Lanes would probably have become intolerable. (Protection of residential areas in this way is a strategy adopted in at least one other European country which has installed cycle lanes). The Green Lanes cycle-lane project reflects the need to curb the dominance of car-culture with all its greed for space, its emissions and dominance of the streets. No wonder...
    • In Planning and Development / Quieter Neighbourhoods
    • Author David Hughes
    • 09 Dec 2018 00:09

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