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    • A community hub for Palmers Green?
    • The have joined the online conversation about the idea of a community hub for PG possibly along the lines of Walthamstow's Mill. This is from their Facebook page: Community Hub ? There have been pockets of local conversation about community centres that have been popping up all over London and the UK. A very successful example is @themille17 in neighbouring Walthamstow; a local space for meet ups, classes, spaces for hire - a true place for the community to come together. In Hornsey, the space they are creating also offers co-working opportunities. Food for thought. So would we like something like this in PG? What would you like to see? How would you use it? What do we need? Let us know your views and we can collate, feedback and share them! #community #local #london #palmersgreen Thanks to @themille17 for the ? of The Mill - it’s wonderful.
    • In Planning and Development / Palmers Green Town Centre
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 16 Oct 2019 18:30
    • Preserving the Pinkham Way woodlands - a new appea...
    • Further to Karl's post about the background to the Pinkham Way campaign, here's more information, taken from a Facebook post by another leading light of the PWA, Jeffrey Lever. THE PURCHASE The North London Waste Authority hastily bought the Pinkham Way site from Barnet Council in 2009, to meet a tight deadline for its application to the Government, for PFI funding for its proposed major municipal waste project. The NLWA was required to show that a site was available for the project. THE CHANGE OF PLAN However, in 2010, the Government’s spending review withdrew the prospect of this funding, and in 2012 the NLWA changed its plan, announcing a saving of £900m compared with the earlier plan, and instead decided to re-use the site of its present Edmonton incinerator. Thereafter, the NLWA has consistently stated that it has “no plan” for the PW site, but holds it “as an asset”. Hence it is not true to allege that local people are foisting waste management from the PW site on to folks in other localities. MYTHBUSTING It is also factually wrong to stereotype PW as a “middle class” interest. The nearest dwellings to the PW site are modest inter-war Barnet Council flats,...
    • In Planning and Development / Pinkham Way
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 14 Oct 2019 15:37
    • A community hub for Palmers Green?
    • It would be interesting to know what the present Broomfield House intent is as part of the shell concept (beyond the cafe). We've a few sort of hubs locally, eg PG library, RWC, Fox Lane Burford Centre plus more cafe's than coffee in Brazil. Sensibly, the location of any such "super-hub" would then need consideration, assuming there was an option, for the length of PG high street - Yasar Halim to Starfish - is the same as Oxford Street, from Oxford Circus to Marble Arch. That perhaps puts quite a few community-hub type difficulties into some perspective, not least which geographic community.
    • In Planning and Development / Palmers Green Town Centre
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 11 Oct 2019 12:52
    • A community hub for Palmers Green?
    • The article about taking the Mill in Walthamstow as a possible model for a PG "community hub" has been picked up on Twitter. @EnfieldDispatch tweeted: "Lovely article from @PGCommunity about the potential benefits of creating a 'community hub' in Palmers Green, using the example of the fabulous @TheMillE17 - which just happens to also be the home of our publishers Social Spider!" @bradburymark responded "Looking into how we might achieve something similar is certainly on the list for a Town Centre Action plan for Palmers Green being developed with support from @PGCommunity and others." Mark Bradbury is Enfield Council's Director of Property & Economy.
    • In Planning and Development / Palmers Green Town Centre
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 09 Oct 2019 19:40
    • Preserving the Pinkham Way woodlands - a new appea...
    • What’s it all about? Anyone new to the area in the last five years or so may well have missed the story, so in brief: The Pinkham Way site (mischievously called a sewerage works, something it hasn’t been for many decades) can be seen to your left, opposite Alan Day garage, as you head west and pass under the big mainline railway tunnel over the North Circular. It’s a Grade 1 Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) containing 2000 trees, protected landform, rare birds, amphibians and more. CO2 beneficial, it also acts as a sponge helping alleviate storm flooding from local river ways. In 2009 the North London Waste Authority (NLWA), that’s the public body who deal with black and blue bin waste once the councils of North London collect it, bought the site from another public body, paying above market price, in a deal classified secret in the contract; although not very secret as it turned out. Efforts were made to change the classification of the land to Industrial to make it more waste-site amenable. That failed and the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA) had their first success. Unverifiable by me were rumours of them seeking to develop an incinerator there, but certainly...
    • In Planning and Development / Pinkham Way
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 09 Oct 2019 09:32
    • Enfield Dispatch: One year old!
    • My problem is that I have only once found a print copy of an edition; this time I tried the Winchmore Hill Sainsbury's, the Palmers Green Morrison's and a site on Green Lanes without success. Sure I could read the paper online, but if the paper is to be a long-term success it really needs to be 'there' for the average resident. Next edition I'll try Southgate Station though I must say I've never seen a copy there.
    • In Other Subjects / Miscellaneous
    • Author David Hughes
    • 07 Oct 2019 16:51
    • Great Northern: 'A great deal of focus on reliabil...
    • Looking at the press release, 44 old units decommissioned (“cascaded out”), so that’s 22 six car trains, and with 25 new ones replacing them it suggests we’re not going to see the promised (?) six trains an hour scenario. It would however be nice to think we will see more weekend trains than currently (are scheduled to) operate. The old ones have certainly travelled a long way in their 43 year term, 120 times around the earth apparently. Makes me wonder how many times they would have circumnavigated the planet had there been sufficient drivers available all of the time.
    • In Other Subjects / Public Transport
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 04 Oct 2019 09:16
    • Barrowell Green recycling centre to be accessible ...
    • My understanding, based on being turned away as a walk in previously, is that their issue is identifying domestic versus commercial. If you turn up in a car or on a bicycle, they can be confident you are disposing of domestic waste, same as in a van you need a permit which requires you to sign a statement you are definitely dom not com. Whereas if you walk in carrying something, they don't know if you are a commercial van parked round the corner. In my case I was moving home and had the removal van parked outside and wanted to carry in an old mattress and an appliance which i didn't need further and wanted to chuck.
    • In Other Subjects / Council Services
    • Author David Eden
    • 01 Oct 2019 09:58
    • Barrowell Green recycling centre to be accessible ...
    • I must say that I was surprised to find that the Barrowell Green Amenity Site is " currently only accessible by vehicles.". I've been taking various items there - notably bottles of spent cooking oil - by 'bike' using my panniers for years and never once has anyone commented/complained. I suppose that I am accepted because cyclists travel on carriageways whilst walkers travel on pavements, but I bet that if someone had managed to walk in their 'stuff' would have been accepted.
    • In Other Subjects / Council Services
    • Author David Hughes
    • 30 Sep 2019 15:43

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