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    • Call to action to protect a local nature conservat...
    • Haringey’s Regulation Committee met last evening (see posting of 17th) and after a vote decided to recommend to Cabinet the exclusion of Pinkham Way from the draft North London Waste Plan (NLWP). Haringey Cabinet will make the final decision on approving the draft NLWP as it stands, for that borough. This represents a very positive step for common sense and the PWA; a surprising decision given the (long) history but surely correct given the facts. PWA’s Chair made a short deputation, answered by a senior officer, before receiving councillor questions, after which councillors asked the officers questions before a vote and agreeing to recommend refusing the inclusion of Pinkham Way. We heard how refusing could delay the “urgent” NLWP, now over a decade late, countered by pointing out that more haste would have been achieved long since by excluding the site; how the borough had to put the site through to the NLWP because the landowner (North London Waste Authority – NLWA) had suggested it in the NLWP’s call for sites - the only such site in all of north London - yet neglected to mention the plan’s site sifting process which gave every opportunity to stop it; how, because...
    • In Planning and Development / Pinkham Way
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 19 Oct 2018 17:30
    • Barnet Furniture Centre, your local furniture recycling project, needs to clear stock to make way for the continuing stream of donations. We've got widespread reductions, with deep cuts on items we've had in stock for a time. Free delivery on purchases of £100 or more (subject to T&C) If you have good quality items to donate, please send photos/dimensions (if poss) to: Open weekdays & Saturday - 9am - 5pm 4, Queens Parade Close, N11 3FY - Tel 0208-361-6802 . Visit You can see updated pics of latest stock at OUR FACEBOOK PAGE:
    • In Other Subjects / Community Groups and Community Events
    • Author STEPHEN BRICE
    • 19 Oct 2018 17:29
    • Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood scheme to go ahead
    • I was struck by the disappearance of the proposed planter with its suggested 20 mph speed limit signage at the eastern end of Fox Lane. The speed humps will start much further up yet the automatic speeding sign near the rail bridge reveals frequent speeding of vehicles. Why would anything change given that nothing is changing? This is a fast, often unpleasant stretch of residential street, now seemingly being ignored. Picking up an earlier thread, you could rat run from Green Lanes to Aldermans Hill without any indication things have apparently changed to make local life easier for pedestrians and cyclists. And so much for my own hope of a safer cycle route to Southgate.
    • In Planning and Development / Planning & Development: Miscellaneous subjects
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 19 Oct 2018 13:07
    • Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood scheme to go ahead
    • Can't say I'm happy with the school street being agreed. Great example of a surface level easy "vote winner" but totally ill-thought out. It's a tiny short cul de sac. Not a busy through road. "School Streets" are great ideas where I've seen them elsewhere but Cannon Road is not relevant - it doesn't having speeding traffic or room for hundreds of school run cars. Majority of all school traffic already burdens Conway Road and Harlech, not Cannon, and they do not form part of the school streets proposal but will now bear the entire brunt of it as even more parents park there (often obnoxiously).
    • In Planning and Development / Planning & Development: Miscellaneous subjects
    • Author David Eden
    • 18 Oct 2018 10:45
    • Beware the Long Handlebars of the Law!
    • Every police force in the UK is to be offered a free ‘close pass’ virtual reality film and headset after a successful Kickstarter campaign by Cycling UK. The cycling charity has met its fund raising target of £15,000 in eight days and now plans to start distributing the film, which will allow drivers to see how it feels to be ‘close passed’ by a vehicle, by the end of November. The video above is a 2D version of the film.
    • In Traffic, Roads and Parking / Road Traffic
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 17 Oct 2018 23:29
    • Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood scheme to go ahead
    • I was rather alarmed to see, on clicking through to the map attached to the document pack, that the side roads off Fox Lane get planters but not Lakeside and Grovelands Roads. These will now become the preferred rat-runs for vehicles avoiding the Green Lanes shopping area. The continuous pavements are welcome but have done next to nothing to reduce levels of traffic, noise, fumes and speeding. I thought the scheme was supposed to be holistic in that it would not prefer some roads over others. Have I got it wrong? John Phillips Lakeside Road
    • In Planning and Development / Planning & Development: Miscellaneous subjects
    • Author John Phillips
    • 16 Oct 2018 13:43
    • Do you have family members who are buried in Totte...
    • Hello Huriye Dervish Our family is experiencing this issue whereby another grave has now been placed on top of our brother's grave and we were not notified of this until we were shocked to see what had happened. Have you had any response from Tottenham Park cemetery? What can we do. I am writing to them first. Let me know of anything that can help us. We are very distressed and shocked by this especially since we paid for 50 year lease which is not up yet. Thank you. Safia
    • In Other Subjects / Miscellaneous
    • Author Safia Siddiqi
    • 12 Oct 2018 13:29
    • Living literature across the border
    • Upcoming Haringey Literature Live courses - some nearly full already. For details of how to book visit FINDING THE POEM with Paul Lyalls Wednesdays 10.30am to 1pm; dates 31 Oct, 7, 14, 21, 28 Nov, 5 Dec; cost £95; venue Writing Room. All are welcome on this fun and liberating workshop-based course, whether you are new to writing, or wish to expand your collection of poems, or are a prose writer wanting to explore your writing capabilities. Expect to be highly productive as you learn how to find and unlock poems, let them build, grow and multiply. Exercises in class, focused on tiny details, every day experiences, or life-changing events, will enable you to encapsulate aspects of your internal and external worlds. This is a friendly and constructive course which previous students have described as ‘inspirational', comparing Paul to a 'magician'! NOVEL WRITING: BUILDING YOUR SKILLS with Sonia Lambert Thursdays 10.30am to 1pm; dates 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 November, 6 December; cost £95; venue Writing Room. This course will provide a supportive environment in which to build the skills to improve your novel. Each week we will be looking at issues...
    • In Other Subjects / Miscellaneous
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 10 Oct 2018 01:31
    • The North Middlesex Hospital turns down the Royal ...
    • Healthwatch Enfield have today issued a press release about the North Mid decision and the report on consultation with Enfield residents and stakeholders. Royal Free will not be taking over North Mid At its meeting on 4th October 2018, the Board of North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust considered the case for proceeding to full membership of the Royal Free London (RFL) group. The Board unanimously decided not to pursue this option, but reconfirmed the Trust’s commitment to continuing as a clinical partner in the RFL group. Throughout June and July 2018, Healthwatch Enfield involved local residents and stakeholders in conversations about the future direction of the hospital, including the option of North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust becoming a full member of Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust such as Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals, which were acquired by Royal Free in 2014. Enfield residents agreed that North Mid faces significant challenges. These include (but are not limited to): inappropriate use of A&E and the ability to deliver high quality care through services that meet local needs, whilst providing good patient experience, recruitment and...
    • In Other Subjects / Health Services
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 09 Oct 2018 14:37
    • Dispatched! Enfield's new community newspaper hits...
    • The amazing Enfield Voices Facebook group continues to pump out interviews on subjects of local importance at an astounding rate. Francis Sealey has now brought two further interviewers on board - Katy Davies and Julia Daniel. Below, Katy Davies talks to James Cracknell, editor of the Enfield Dispatch, about the new community newspaper, and about the state of and prospects for journalism in general. It's very good to hear from James that it's no longer his dream to work at one of the big national papers - he's discovered his niche in local community journalism
    • In Other Subjects / Miscellaneous
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 08 Oct 2018 19:49
    • Reasons to be on your guard
    • Thanks for your comments. I wrote the piece just to put local people on guard in case it was a dishonest approach. But in the light of the comments/advice in the thread I will report it to the police taking the business card with me. Looking at the business card again the range of benefits claimed seem more than a shade too good to be true. I'll report back if I get any more information.
    • In Other Subjects / Miscellaneous
    • Author David Hughes
    • 05 Oct 2018 23:44
    • Reasons to be on your guard
    • I've published warnings about this scam several times - it's very serious and people have been robbed of tens of thousands of pounds. I've had to delete a message in this thread containing a serious racist slur. This is will not be tolerated - final warning.
    • In Other Subjects / Miscellaneous
    • Author PGC Webmaster
    • 05 Oct 2018 12:57

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