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    • Healthy eating in the Park?
    • Hello all, We use Broomfield Park daily and enjoy it very much. In my opinion one of the nicest parks in London. On the 17th February (last Saturday) when the weather was nice, the air quality in the small field was pungent with the smell of fried onions and burgers. Even when we left the park on Broomfield Lane the smells still wafted over. I do not agree with having a burger van at the gates of a children’s play area. If it is going to stay here then the filtration from the cooking smells need to be rectified, with summer approaching and wind speeds dropping this problem will only compound itself. In addition what steps are being taken from the increased litter along with rats/vermin associated with the burger van?
    • In Other Subjects / Parks and Open Spaces
    • Author Abby Hai
    • Yesterday 00:40
    • Healthy eating in the Park?
    • Chips and burgers are in general nutritious. Christ. Now I've heard everything. I make burgers at home, all fresh ingredients, lean meats, vege extras like grated carrot, no added sugar or minimal salt. Grilled not fried and served with sweet potato wedges. How does ANY of that compare to the kind of greasy fried trash purveyed by outlets such as this? Disgusting, I'd never let my kids near it. It's not like it's some kind of trendy food truck, definitely a place for them, serving interesting worldly nutritious vans. This is more akin to David Walliams' Ratburger.
    • In Other Subjects / Parks and Open Spaces
    • Author David Eden
    • 23 Feb 2018 12:40
    • Another dangerous driver!
    • At first I was a little perturbed by John W's response to this crash. Of course MOT's are important in all sorts of ways, but when push comes to shove most serious urban accidents/clashes come about as a result of a combination of lack of consideration/mistake, and speed above reasonable urban levels. But then I thought: "That sort of thing happens all the time without public outcry, so of course most of us simply move on." Much as we do in the face of deadly air quality which we have known for years is largely a consequence of diesel engines in cars ...... but still people buy diesel cars. Which reminds me that, half asleep this evening, I think I heard someone on a BBC News bulletin say that, because we are so far behind other countries in dealing with diesel engines and the consequences are so severe, the Government might do something drastic like banning diesel driven cars from cities and towns soon. Presumably that means rather that the measures currently planned for the 2040s. Hopefully it'll come up again tomorrow morning, or was I dreaming?
    • In Traffic, Roads and Parking / Road Traffic
    • Author David Hughes
    • 23 Feb 2018 00:14
    • Healthy eating in the Park?
    • Some mixed messages here, if I may with trepidation step into this dicussion. Current advice on health grounds identifies sugar-rich food and drinks (especially sugary drinks aimed at kids) as the most obvious "threat" to health, although like any dodgy element of a diet, partaking once every now and again is not going to have any real effect. If your kids have a sugary drink every time they go the park, but they only go there once a month, there is no issue - unless they are drinking similar drinks everywhere else they go. That is an issue for parents, not for the vendor or the council (although it would OF COURSE be good if the Council stipulated no sugar-rich drinks and/or the vendor chose to provide only healhier drinks). There are also knee-jerk reactions always to foods such as chips and burgers, often aimed at fast food outlets. Chips and burgers are low in sugar and are in general nutritious, which makes them reasonable food to give to kids as part of an overall healthy diet. Chips cooked in vegetable oil contain plenty of energy in a non-refined-sugar form and are perfectly fine, and a well-made burger using lean meat and perhaps some salad has tons of protein. The main...
    • In Other Subjects / Parks and Open Spaces
    • Author Geoffrey Kemball-Cook
    • 22 Feb 2018 09:35
    • Broomfield House and Park: Your memories wanted!
    • Being undoubtedly the most important artefacts from the park’s long history, I understand the curator is already considering how to best represent the handbill and witches bottles, key elements of the Palmers Scream, in the exhibition. If it’s possible to obtain an early return of the scroll itself, currently undergoing testing at the British Museum of Curiosities, then hopefully that too – both sections - will form an integral part of this event. (Readers not familiar with the witches’ bottles can watch a brief explanatory video, available on . Note that this will be one of the very few time since their discovery that the bottles will be available to be seen outside of their protective box.)
    • In Conservation / Broomfield House restoration
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 21 Feb 2018 23:08
    • Tell the Mayor: We want clean air too!
    • Dr Gary Fuller of Kings College is profiled in this weeks press and comes out with one of those mind-bending statistics that stops you in your tracks. The average London (that’s us) loses 4 ½ hours of life for every week they (you) live in London due to the air. So every week, imagine writing off the time between broadly breakfast and lunch as dead time. He’s an air quality scientist (HMG’s expertise is located at Kings). Why not fill in the consultation on extending the Ultra Low Emission Zone to as far as the north of Enfield now.
    • In Other Subjects / Environmental Issues
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 21 Feb 2018 12:43
    • Cycling in Enfield - the view from the saddle
    • Somewhere or other in a recent debate - I've not been able to trace it though it was quite recent - I commented that some drivers were beginning not to stop/pause behind the white line across side streets giving access to Green Lanes (think Woodberry Avenue and Fernleigh Road just south of Sainsbury's big store as examples). Which means that they are not be able to see cyclists on the cycle lane until the last moment, and, should they have to halt short of the carriageway, that a cyclists has to detour behind the car or wait for the car to shift.............and there may be a queue of cars as happened to me this afternoon. You might think that this is a classic case of driver 'sense of entitlement', and that may be so, but it equally could be that there are still so few cyclists that drivers get feed up with stopping for no reason. Time to get the bike out and go for spin?
    • In Planning and Development / Traffic, Roads and Parking
    • Author David Hughes
    • 19 Feb 2018 21:29
    • Healthy eating in the Park?
    • “There is evidence that regular consumption of energy-dense food from hot food takeaways is associated with weight gain, and that takeaway food is appealing to children.” So says the Mayor in his Draft London Plan (s6.9.7) What it also adds is Policy E9C: “Development proposals containing A5 hot food takeaway uses should not be permitted where these are within 400 metres walking distance of an existing or proposed primary or secondary school. Boroughs that wish to set a locally-determined boundary from schools must ensure this is sufficiently justified." Now the plan is not yet adopted and so the policy itself is not formally in place, and nor is a playground a school, but I think the intent and London's future direction is clear enough. Where any development proposals involving hot food takeaways are permitted then the Mayor will be insisting that as a condition the operator achieves and operates to the Healthy Catering Charter. (As an aside, look out for news of this Charter re Palmers Green Festival 2018 when I finally get round to it.) The guidance, from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, is available. You can then compare the menu on the van...
    • In Other Subjects / Parks and Open Spaces
    • Author Karl Brown
    • 19 Feb 2018 17:23
    • Healthy eating in the Park?
    • I just cannot believe Enfield Council this is no disrespectful to the owner of this ugly looking fast food truck of course they are trying to make a living...but more so Enfield Council, on one hand the British Government want to deal with obesity in the UK and on the other hand they are flaunting mobile processed food and sugary soft drinks, of course for children and also adults who have a weakness for these unhealthy foods will continue eating fast food if put in obvious places... The council's will do anything to make money for themselves...they don't care about people's health and it will make the area look...its all about the money... The park already has a cafeteria it's beautiful and more importantly clean and healthy, I work for the NHS how many more people will I have to educate eating healthy & exercising is all part of having a good quality of life and not having to tell them they have high diabetes and cholesterol...which they tell me that is what they try to avoid, they are stunt when I list them the bad foods and to avoid they are shocked and they cannot believe that is what leads them to take take is paramount when it comes to foods people...
    • In Other Subjects / Parks and Open Spaces
    • Author Joe Mark O'Connor
    • 19 Feb 2018 16:09
    • Healthy eating in the Park?
    • There's a new mobile catering outlet in Broomfield Park and not surprisingly it's causing some debate. The mobile replaces the ice cream van near the children's playground. As well as being a bit of an eyesore (admittedly a subjective judgement), the food and drink on offer seems directly in conflict with the Council's healthy eating and Sugar Smart campaigns. Surely the Council shouldn't be encouraging burgers, chips and fizzy drinks on their own premises?
    • In Other Subjects / Parks and Open Spaces
    • Author Adrian Day
    • 19 Feb 2018 09:34
    • Tell the Mayor: We want clean air too!
    • Just how bad is the air pollution problem in London, what are its sources (transport is only one, though a very significant one), what are its effects, what can be done to improve matters? These questions are covered in a new publication from London Councils, Demystifying Air Pollution in London. In the article about the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone consultation, I argued that, while concentrating on lorries and buses seems logical, because of their weight and powerful engines, they actually pose a smaller threat than diesel cars, because a modern bus produces a fraction of the toxic emissions produced by a diesel car. This seemingly illogical situation stems from the fact that bus and lorry emissions are tested in "real-life" conditions, whereas cars only have to pass tests carried out under artificial and unrealistic conditions. The London Councils publication has a graphic which illustrates this very clearly: Here are some more graphics from the London Councils report.
    • In Other Subjects / Environmental Issues
    • Author Basil Clarke
    • 14 Feb 2018 20:38

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