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Friends of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area

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lakes estate mapThe Lakes Estate, in the western part of Palmers Green, stretching up towards Southgate Green, is a residential area built mainly between 1905 and 1914 and consisting predominantly of relatively large semi-detached houses, the majority of which still retain most, if not all, of the architectural features that are associated with middle class houses from that period.

In 2010 a Conservation Area was created, incorporating a large part of the Lakes Estate, giving Enfield Council legal powers to control the construction, alteration or demolition of houses within the shaded area on the map. The aim being to ensure that the homogenous and unified character of the estate is retained.

Who are the Friends of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area ?

Shortly after the Conservation Area was set up, encouraged by Enfield Council, the Lakes Estate Conservation Area Study Group was set up. This is a traditional title for groups such as ours. However we feel that the use of the phrase "Study Group" tended to give the wrong impression of who we are and what we do. We are not for example an academic research group!

We are a group of residents who assist Council officers in safeguarding the Estate's unique character by scrutinising planning applications affecting the Lakes Estate Consdervation Area and encouraging good conservation practice.  We now therefore prefer to call ourselves the Friends of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area as a better reflection of our approach.

If you are interested in joining the Group, please see Become a Friend of the Lakes Conservation Area .

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