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Seven borough councils have been forced by a legal ruling to restart the process of drawing up a North London Waste Plan (NLWP) and are inviting members of the public to input their views and suggestions.

The first version of the NLWP, which was finalised in 2012, proved highly controversial and prompted the creation of a campaigning group, the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA).  The original spur to the creation of the PWA was the planned construction of a large waste processing facility on an area of green land adjoining the Pinkham Way stretch of the North Circular Road in New Southgate.  The PWA not only objected to the loss of this amenity to local residents, but was also concerned about the additional lorry traffic that it would bring to the North Circular and likely further deterioration of air quality for households living near the road.  

However,  the PWA subsequently became concerned about a second major issue - the risk that the plan posed to the finances of all seven boroughs.  This risk arises because the councils would have been committed to paying the contractor to process a specified minimum quantity of waste over a long time period, despite the fact that volumes of waste being produced by households and others are falling as a result of recycling campaigns.  As a result, the boroughs would have found themselves obliged to pay the contractor for unnecessary services over many years, further exacerbating financial pressure on other council services.


The necessity to restart the process came about not because of any of the objections raised by the PWA, but because the Planning Inspector ruled that the North London boroughs had failed to cooperate with councils outside London who are currently the recipients of waste exported from North London.  However, the ruling has provided a golden opportunity for the PWA and others to renew their campaign.

Members of the general public lare also able to input to the new consultation exercise by using the Have Your Say section of the NLWP website.  In particular, NLWP is asking the following questions:

  • The content of the local waste plan: Please let us know what you think the new local plan should contain. Do you think any content was missing from the submission NLWP?
  • The need for new waste facilities: Do you have views on the need for waste facilities in North London to deal with the waste likely to be generated in the next ten to fifteen years? If so, what types and size of facility might be needed?
  • The characteristics of a site suitable for waste use: If sites for new waste facilities are required, what type of site should be chosen? What criteria should the boroughs use to select waste sites? Do you think that the site criteria and assessment method in the submission NLWP are a useful starting point? Can they be improved upon?
  • Proposals for waste sites: Do you have any new suggestions on sites or areas in North London that might be suitable for future use for waste management?
  • Policies: do you have any suggestions for planning policies to ensure that waste developments are suitable in terms of location, environmental impact and any other important consideration? Do you think the policies in the NLWP are a useful starting point? Can they be improved upon?

The deadline for submitting comments is 7th June.  PWA are providing detailed guidance on the points which members of the public can make.

For more information, see the PWA website, the NLWP website and the Pinkham Way section of this website.

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