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Notting Hill Housing Trust are inviting the public to view and discuss its latest proposals for developing a site in Bowes Road immediately adjacent to Ritz Parade.  The housing developer will be hosting an exhibition this Wednesday and Thursday (29th and 30th November) between 4pm and 8pm at Trinity at Bowes Methodist Church, Palmerston Road, N22 8RA. Plans will be available and the development team will be present to answer any questions you may have and importantly take on board any suggestions.

People unable to visit the exhibition are being invited to find out more about the plans by contacting Leo Jameson (020 7242 0170 or .

site adjacent to ritz paradeThe site comprises the car park and the terrace of shops to the left, plus the land behind them

At a previous exhibition, in November 2016, Notting Hill displayed the two outline drawings shown below. Nothing is known about how much these concepts have changed. The areas referred to as Site 1 and Site 2 are both part of the site covered by next week's exhibition.

notting hill site 1Site 1. The large building to its right is the auditorium of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses (originally the Ritz cinema).  To the left are the existing buildings on Site 2.

notting hill site 2Proposed outlines of development on Site 2

Enfield Council's vision for how this stretch of road might best be developed was set out in a draft Opportunity Site Development Brief, which was consulted on in December 2015.  The council did not exclude the option of demolishing the former Ritz cinema and its surrounding parade, to the dismay of the Broomfield Home Owners' and Residents' Association, who are very keen to preserve this very distinctive local landmark. A search of the council website has failed to find any later versions of the development brief.

ritz paradeRitz Parade, centred around the former cinema, now used by the Jehovah's Witnesses

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PGC Webmaster posted a reply #3419 09 Dec 2017 18:31

Further consultation on future of Bowes Road site adjacent to Ritz Parade

The document used by Notting Hill Housing for their consultation event is now on the website (thanks to Matthew Kitching for uploading it to Bowes & Bounds Connected).

File Attachment:

File Name: 19571Polit...ssed.pdf

Artist's impression of the proposed new buildings just to the west of Ritz Parade. Ritz Parade is on the very far right of the drawing. A tall building behind the right-hand block is hidden in this view, but would be visible from most perspectives.

Currently Notting Hill do not own all the land needed to build the blocks on the left. Their intention is to build Phase 1 (the right-hand blocks) first. They expect to submit a planning application this month.

As well as flats, there would be provision for shops and other facilities on the ground floor:

At Phase 1, around 300 sq. m is provided within the frontage building and the current thinking is that this would accommodate a foodstore. There would be no parking provided for this as its primary purpose is to serve pedestrians. There would be a dedicated service bay provided at the front of the store to allow deliveries.

At Phase 2, at ground floor level a multi-functional space, approximately 150 sq m in size, will be provided and we intend to apply for a mix of uses that would allow the space to be occupied as a community facility, office, shop and restaurant. Previous plans for this unit included a GP surgery; however, following consultation with the NHS and local healthcare providers over the past year it is clear that this site does not meet the location requirements for such a facility. Notting Hill Housing are continuing discussions with the NHS to establish if there is another opportunity to provide such a facility along the North Circular Road.

Curious that the NHS doesn't want a surgery along here, in view of the large number of people who will be living close by.

You can let Notting Hill have your views using the form below:

File Attachment:

File Name: FeedbackFo...0171.pdf

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