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Question 1.  What do think is good about the area?

The variety of places to meet, eat and drink. The park is an amazing asset and is well used and maintained. The work on the conservatory and orchard are brilliant and each visit develops a new idea. I especially liked the art/craft sessions observed in the palm house.

Question 2.  What do you think is less good about the area?

The new mix of shops needs to be kept in a bace while I enjoy having the choice I feel bad for the busissiness that does not succeed.

Question 3. What would you like to see to improve the area?

The maintainance of empty buildings, pavement and street furniture placed to allow the pedestrians to  walk safely.

Question 4a. Specific aspects – traffic

Traffic is generally too fast.

Question 4b. Specific aspects – parking

Parking is generally ok. Morrison's car park is rather over eager to place fines. I know of 2 older people who have had tickets while just shopping in their store abd usuing their restaurant. 2 hours is not enough when shopping for ones self , other elderly friends/family when not so fast ourselves. The street parking has gone up considerabllly in the last few years, but it shows that the facilities are being used would be sad to see many parking spaces too often.

Question 4c. Specific aspects – clutter

Oh yes as already mentioned. Especially near the triangle.

The 'toilets' and the crossing area are not well appointed/situated for ease of crossing

Question 4d. Specific aspects – look of the shops/architecture

> MacDonald car park is rather tucked away and the walk access is not very pleaasant. Needs revamping.

Question 4h. Specific aspects – Greenery

It is nice to seee flower plants hanging around the shopping centre. Maybe they could be sponsored or maintained by business/residents/students on gardening training.

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