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broomfield community orchard in july 2016Broomfield Community Orchard was awarded Silver for its horticultural contribution to the local community

Broomfield Park has had another triumphant year in the Enfield in Bloom competition, winning Gold for Best Maintained Park.  Another Gold went to Broomfield Conservatory for its Exceptional Horticultural Contribution to the Community, while Broomfield Community Orchard was awarded Silver in the same category.

Both the Conservatory and Orchard are run by volunteers from the Friends of Broomfield Park.  You can find out how the Friends' current and planned new projects are advancing at their Open Meeting on Monday.  The winners of the Friends' Photo Competition will be announced at the meeting.

And on Sunday 16th October the Orchard will be holding its Apple Day celebration.

Enfield in Bloom 2016 winners

Best Maintained Park
Gold: Broomfield
Gold: Bury Lodge
Silver: Enfield Town
Bronze: Forty Hall Park
Bronze: Grovelands

Best Highway/Open Space Planting
Gold: Edmonton Cemetery
Gold: Firs Farm Wetlands
Silver: Lavender Hill Cemetery
Bronze: Pymmes Park Wetlands

Exceptional Horticultural Contribution for the Local Community
Gold: Broomfield Park Conservatory
Gold: Forty Hall, Walled Garden
Silver: Broomfield Community Orchard
Silver: Ms Sue Povey, for Millfield House Gardens
Silver: Forty Hill & Bulls Cross Study Group Garden
Bronze: Mrs Ann Wadman, for Charlton Road Alleyway

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