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bug hotel in broomfield community orchard destroyed by arson 1There have been further acts of vandalism and arson in Broomfield Park, culminating in the destruction of a "bug hotel" that had been created by children.

bug hotel in broomfield orchardThe burning out of the bug hotel in Broomfield Community Orchard follows an earlier incident, in which bags of waste material were set on fire.  The fire was so fierce that the interior of a metal shed next to the bags was charred.

The orchard was targeted by vandals in January, when eight fruit trees were destroyed.  There has also been vandalism affecting the remembrance garden, Greenery cafe and Broomfield Conservatory.

David March, leader of the Friends of Broomfield Park's orchard group, says that together with a team of volunteers he will be planting replacement trees.  He's also planning to create a new bug hotel in the spring.

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John Worsley's Avatar
John Worsley posted a reply #3785 11 Apr 2018 07:58
The Orchard is regularly used by youths to enjoy smoking cannabis (out of sight but you can smell it for many metres all around), so I'm not surprised. Perhaps if the gate was made less easy to climb over it may be a good start? Any other points of access that need to be blocked off?