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In the wake of the successful campaign to cancel a planned 24-day long fair (see this earlier report), the Friends of Broomfield Park (FoBP) have called on Enfield Council to establish a better system of consultation about future events in the park.

lime tree avenue replanting

Many lime trees in this double avenue had to be replaced because of damage caused by a circus

FoBP co-chairs Kim Lumley and Chris Kaufman have written to Councillor Guney Dogan, the cabinet member for the environment, expressing disappointment about not being invited to the recent meeting between the council and "4 Not 24" campaigners and more generally communicating their unhappiness about lack of consultation and about Broomfield Park's status since 2016 as "suitable for all events, including large-scale events", ie those with attendances in excess of 5000 persons a day. They argue that Broomfield Park is a small park surrounded by residential streets, very different from parks which the council classes as "Major", eg Trent Park and Enfield Playing Fields. The co-chairs write that, though the Friends were consulted about two proposed "Major Events" in 2018 (neither of which went ahead), they also "feel strongly that there should be a further level of advance notification and consultation with the Friends organizations before booking Medium events and that these should include circus and fairground events".

The FoBP letter also raises concerns about the council's suggestion, in its letter to the "4 Not 24" campaigners, that it might resume rotating events between the sports field and the western end of the park. The co-chairs point out that use of the top field for events has in the past resulted in damage to paths and grass and in particular mention the death of 13 lime trees as a result of damage caused by a circus. These trees, forming part of a double avenue, had to be replaced at great expense.

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David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #3966 12 Jul 2018 11:40
Not sure how the FoBP can complain about not going to the 4Not24 meeting - Kim is a member of the FoBP Facebook group and the posting regarding Coggers fair, the upset and the interaction with the Council (as well as the meeting) got masses of fanfare and publicity.

FoBP are asleep at the wheel if they had no idea any of this is going on - just not doing their jobs properly, hard work has all come from Dan Baer it seems.
Dan Baer's Avatar
Dan Baer posted a reply #3967 13 Jul 2018 00:02
Hi David, thanks for the credit! But I was one of a passionate group of 30 locals who successfully campaigned on this issue.
In fairness to FoBP, Sue Younger wrote a strong email to the Councillors, on behalf of the FoBP Committee, in support of 4not24. Also several committee members attended the meeting in BP.
FoBP has had many successes over the years including the orchard, the conservatory, the cafe etc
I think they have an important role to play under the new co-chairmanship of Kim Lumley and Chris Kaufman in conserving and improving the park.
Geraldine Anwar's Avatar
Geraldine Anwar posted a reply #3968 13 Jul 2018 07:55
Thanks Dan, for your clarification. David seems to have misunderstood the Friends' complaint. Members of the committee did attend the meeting in the Park. Despite their support they were not invited to a subsequent meeting between the Council and 4not24. The Friends are not primarily a pressure group. They are a group of volunteers who work to enhance the park. Dan lists some of the successes of the Friends. These projects are all run entirely by volunteers. Thousands of hours are spent volunteering in the park every year. Many other smaller projects such as the Dipali Garden, the Sensory Garden and more recently the Rose Bed are maintained by volunteers. The daffodils which appear by magic every Spring are planted by volunteers. The whips which will form a hedge to shield the park from surrounding roads are planted by volunteers. The wildlife pond was installed by volunteers. A grant was obtained to improve the Remembrance Garden. David's comment 'just not doing their jobs properly' says it all. Being a Friend of the Park is not a job! As far as I know a job is something that people are paid to do.
David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #3969 13 Jul 2018 10:13
Thanks, both, for the additional clarification. It was this that threw me:

"FoBP co-chairs Kim Lumley and Chris Kaufman have written to Councillor Guney Dogan, the cabinet member for the environment, expressing disappointment about not being invited to the recent meeting between the council and "4 Not 24" campaigners."

I've no doubt that FoBP have done tremendous work, as a local resident and park user I'm a prime beneficiary, it just felt from the tone of this complaint that someone else (a group) put in the hard yards to sort out this particular issue and FoBP were complaining about not knowing about it or being widely involved despite wide publicity.

Well done Dan+30 for this and well done FoBP for everything else.