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broomfield pond swim society logoAn ambitious crowdfunding campaign has been launched by a group called the Broomfield Pond Swim Society, whose aim is to revive wild swimming in Broomfield Park.

The crowdfunding target is £123,123 and if successful the first phase of the project will include:

  • creating an open community organisation to work with Enfield Council to deliver clean, swimmable Ponds in Broomfield Park
  • delivering a dynamic youth driven marketing campaign in partnership with local schools
  • commissioning a Pre-Feasibility study on both ponds to identify problems and propose solutions
  • hosting a mini pop-up water park for children, a giant water slide, a toy boat regatta and water lantern festival
  • hosting quarterly Stakeholder and Community events to guide the project into Phase 2

diving competition broomfield park 1930s enfield museum and archives 1A diving competition in Broomfield Park during the 1930s, when swimming in the park was normal (photo: Enfield Museum and Archive)

  • creating a clear and informed long term plan that would include a full Feasibility Study and steps towards swimmable ponds
  • carrying out and overseeing pre-development plans and updating the community on this progress via a website and social media
  • desilting the Boating Lake and making repairs to the pipes so that it can be refilled
  • repairing the piping in the borehole that will deliver fresh water to the Boating Lake
  • desilting the Bathing Pond

Why is it such a good idea?

penny austin in front of broomfield park lakePenny Austin, co-chair of the Broomfield Pond Swim Society

  1. It's good clean fun!  Swimming and bathing are activities that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy, especially our teenage population who have few resources in the area catering for them.  Whether you're looking to play or exercise, it's always better in the water.
  2. It's a local environmental problem that we can solve!  The Friends of Broomfield Park, Enfield Council and Thames21 have been working to clean up our waterways and in doing so have identified that it is in fact, possible to clean up those ponds, but they need our help to realise this project.
  3. It's ancient history!  No, really. Did you know that the three ponds at the bottom of the park are actually the only remaining set of three Baroque water gardens in existence?!  They were originally a part of the grounds of Broomfield House and are Grade 2 listed.  When was the last time you swam in a national treasure (legally)?


Broomfield Pond Swim Society crowdfunding page on Spacehive

Broomfield Pond Swim Society Facebook page

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Simon Broughton's Avatar
Simon Broughton posted a reply #4577 06 Jun 2019 20:50
This is a fantastic idea and I have just donated towards it. I would love to be able to walk down the road and go for a swim whenever I want and I hope there will be provision to allow swimmers to swim properly and get fit. This could be a great project for all ages.
John Phillips's Avatar
John Phillips posted a reply #4765 22 Aug 2019 10:02
Wonderful idea!
A clean paddling pool for kids in the upper pond (currently full of disgusting algae) and water clean enough to swim in for adults in the lower pond (now a stagnant swamp). What's not to like?
Only 5 day left to make a pledge. If the target is not reached it will not cost you anything. If it is, Palmers Green will have a great asset.
Click the link and make a pledge now.