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If you're a regular visitor to Broomfield Park, you're probably familiar with the pair of Egyptian Geese that were frequently seen there.  Sad to say, there is now only one of these good-looking birds.

Egyptian geese in Broomfield Park February 2013Egyptian geese in Broomfield Park during February 2013The death of one of the Egyptian Geese was noted by Derek Honnor of the Friends of Broomfield Park.  Derek posts a monthly report on bird sightings in the Park, which you can find on noticeboards and also on the Friends of Broomfield Park website.

In the April report Derek reports the loss of the Egyptian Goose, and also of seven mallard ducklings:

Whereas I report the birds coming and going with the seasons the highlights this month are of loss.

For some years a pair of Egyptian Geese have regularly visited the park, two inseparable birds who would seek me out to take food from hand. Then, mid-month one was found injured. Taken into care it was found to have been attacked by a dog and died from its injuries. What do I think of that? Well I think it was very sad at what happened and I would like to see more prominent notices asking dog owners take more responsibility by keeping their pets on a lead when in the area of the ponds.

The second incident was nature's own. On the 15th seven tiny Mallard ducklings were seen on the small lake, but were gone, presumably predated, by the 18th. Since when there have been no other ducklings on the lakes, but the two main predator species, a Grey Heron and several Lesser Black-Backed Gulls have been visiting.

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