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Friends of Hazelwood Rec have applied to the OneFamily Foundation for a grant of £25,000 to pay for improvements to the children's playground.

Hazelwood Rec is a small park situated between Hedge Lane and Hazelwood Lane, with football pitches, a cricket field and tennis courts.  One side of the park is bounded by the New River and lined with willow trees.

The case made for the grant by the Friends is as follows:

Improving Hazelwood Rec playground


The project will create a vibrant playground for the benefit of local children under 12, including the local community primary school. It is in a densely populated, very ethnically diverse area between three major roads with a shortage of green, recreational space. A recent park survey found 100% of 120 respondents wanted a new playground.

Project objectives

Purchase and install additional play equipment in the playground.Repair or replace existing old and delapidated play equipment.Promote the use of the improved playground amongst the local community (including local primary school, childminders, nurseries, etc).

How could your project be achieved using a Community Award?

We would purchase and have installed new play equipment and promote the playground locally. With a school and many young families nearby without access to adequate play areas, an award would massively improve play facilities and enable local children to get more exercise.

How would this money make a difference to your community?

Despite being a busy playground in a highly populated area, it only has very limited, old play equipment. This project would make the playground more stimulating for children and enable them to exercise safely. It would also provide a much needed space where families from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds can come together and interact.

Whether or not the Friends obtain the grant depends on their receiving sufficient support from members of the public.  If you would like to support this application you first need to register with OneFamily before voting online.

Voting finishes on 4th November.


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