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art as therapy july 2018

A group of local aspiring artists have come together to exhibit paintings, drawings and mixed media artworks.

All of the exhibitors have engaged in art therapy. The selected artworks communicate something of the artists’ experiences and their developing confidence in self-expression through art-making.

‘Making art helps me because I can put my thoughts into a picture or painting’

‘I like coming to art therapy as it helps me get everything out’

‘Art takes away the stress from illness’

‘I like the calmness of the environment’

It is easier to release stress when I come to art therapy sessions. I can talk about things that I might not talk about to care staff’

The power of the arts in promoting health and wellbeing has received increased attention. Research has demonstrated the positive benefits of engaging in the arts whether as a participant or spectator. 

The Enfield Integrated Learning Disability Service has offered Art Therapy to adults with learning disabilities for over 20 years. Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which art materials are the primary means of communication and self-expression. Art Therapists are state-regulated health professionals who work in a variety of settings including the NHS, social services and schools. 

The benefits of art therapy and participatory arts within health and social care have been highlighted by the report Creative Health (2017). The culmination of a two-year inquiry by the All-Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing, the report is available online at

For information on the Enfield Integrated Learning Disability Service see

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The Art is Therapy exhibition runs at the Dugdale from 3rd to 15th July.  Free Admission.
More details at

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