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Question 1.  What do think is good about the area?

The lovely old houses and buildings in the high street, the shops and restaurants.

Question 2.  What do you think is less good about the area?

Far too much signage and railings everywhere. The loss of the huge tree at Aldermans hill triangle is a huge blow. I counted 48 signs and railings in this small area alone. The Victorian toilets should either be opened again or got rid of, along with the monstrous 70’s style flower beds. Put in a new large tree and a clocktower as soon as possible.

Far too many betting shops in palmers green- at least x10 now- council should close some down. Gangs (groups of 20-30 intimidating youths) regularly congregate outside McDonalds and strong smell of cannabis pervades the air. WHERE ARE THE POLICE OR COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICERS?

Dog muck on pavements outside starbucks- police and council should fine owners and confiscate dangerous dogs that abound in the area

Question 3. What would you like to see to improve the area?

A replacement tree for the one enfield council cut down last year (alderman’s hill) and a large clocktower like crouch end.

Better and more policing

Remove all pedestrian railings and pointless signage

Question 4b. Specific aspects – parking

Disappointing increase in car parking fare in car park behind waitrose-this has resulted in less people coming to palmers green

Question 4c. Specific aspects – clutter

Far too much signage at alderman’s hill triangle and pointless pedestrian railings. Adults and children do not need railings everywhere. Westminster council has started to take their railings down and no of accidents has fallen as a result!

Question 4d. Specific aspects – look of the shops/architecture

Every year Enfield council allows developers to pull down lovely old historic buildings- for example the old Edwardian houses just up from Truro House, now all demolished, or the MONSTROUS construction opposite the library, completely out of synch with PG architecture. How could you have allowed this to happen? Lovely Edwardian windows pulled out of shop front by Italian Furniture shopholder who put in appalling double glazing then went bust (this shop now empty and covered in picture of broomfield park. It used to have magnificent bulging Edwardian windows)

The Fox pub looks really tired and tatty and in desperate need of refurbishment.

Soon I expect enfield council will demolish the old southgate town hall building adjacent the library and build some awful flats. Little by little you are pulling the front teeth of PG one by one. SHAME ON THE COUNCILLORS, SHAME ON YOU. Just look at what you have destroyed by looking at some old photos of PG

Question 4e. Specific aspacts – type and range of shops

Shut down betting shops and reduce rental costs to encourage diversity.

No one likes or uses ICELAND- can’t we have M+S here?

Question 4g. Specific aspects – the Triangle public space

- in desperate need of a re-design, including a new large tree and a focal point such as a clocktower. The awful 70s concrete flower basins should be replaced along with the unnecessary railings.

Question 4h. Specific aspects – Greenery

More flower baskets would be welcome

Any other comments

The beautiful old clock above the electrical shop opposite store 21 is not working and should be repaired and restored to full working order.

Truro House remains derelict and is currently being occupied by squatters- you can see them in there, they have mains electricity and even satellite tv! Council should take action to re-possess and restore this lovely old house (and I don’t mean demolish and convert into flats)

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