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abuse and neglectEnfield Council has released two short films aimed at making people aware of the various ways in which vulnerable adults can be abused.

The first film, Warning Signs, highlights the many different kinds of abuse that exist, and asks the person themselves, residents, carers and friends to report it if they believe a vulnerable person may be in danger.

If you know someone who is being abused, or if you are that person, then please come forward and call the Enfield Adults Abuse Line on 020 8379 5212.

Abuse can also be reported online:

The second film is aimed at professionals, and reminds them of the Making Safeguarding Personal principles – Empowerment, Prevention, Protection, Partnership, Proportionality and Accountability – and how we might use these principles in keeping people safe.

The most commonly reported abuse is neglect, while many may experience multiple forms of abuse at the same time. Abuse can take many other forms, including financial, physical, psychological, sexual, discriminatory, domestic and organisational.

Further information on the Enfield Council website



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