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entrance to barrowell green recycling centre

Pedestrians not welcome! The current entrance to the Barrowell Green site

Enfield Council's recycling centre in Barrowell Green is to be made accessible to people on foot in time for the introduction of charges for garden waste collection this November.

Currently members of the public can only take objects into the site by car. Confirmation that changes to the layout of the site will be made came in the reply to a written question by Councillor Lindsay Rawlings included in the agenda for the full council meeting held on 18th September.

Question 28 from Councillor Rawlings to Councillor Dogan, Cabinet Member for Environment & Sustainability

Barrowell Green Amenity Site is currently only accessible by vehicles. In answer to a resident’s question I was informed that the layout would be changed to allow pedestrians access. Would CouncillorDogan, Cabinet Member for Environment & Sustainability inform Council when plans will be brought forward for this and how long this will take to implement? This has become pressing as on Sunday 1 September 2019 there was a queue to access the site and residents, keen to not add to pollution, tried to walk in with small items and were turned back by staff.

Reply from Councillor Dogan

Options for the design for pedestrian access is being explored with the contractors at SUEZ and will be in place prior to the new paid for garden waste service and the new weekly separate food waste service being introduced in November.

Source: Councillor questions and responses, September 2019

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David Hughes's Avatar
David Hughes posted a reply #4800 30 Sep 2019 15:43
I must say that I was surprised to find that the Barrowell Green Amenity Site is " currently only accessible by vehicles.". I've been taking various items there - notably bottles of spent cooking oil - by 'bike' using my panniers for years and never once has anyone commented/complained. I suppose that I am accepted because cyclists travel on carriageways whilst walkers travel on pavements, but I bet that if someone had managed to walk in their 'stuff' would have been accepted.
David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #4801 01 Oct 2019 09:58
My understanding, based on being turned away as a walk in previously, is that their issue is identifying domestic versus commercial.

If you turn up in a car or on a bicycle, they can be confident you are disposing of domestic waste, same as in a van you need a permit which requires you to sign a statement you are definitely dom not com. Whereas if you walk in carrying something, they don't know if you are a commercial van parked round the corner.

In my case I was moving home and had the removal van parked outside and wanted to carry in an old mattress and an appliance which i didn't need further and wanted to chuck.
Katie Lewis's Avatar
Katie Lewis posted a reply #5299 20 Mar 2020 13:19
Thats good news. I recently called a waste disposal company to help me get rid of few furniture items and they were fantastic but it is good to know that I can do same by myself with in bags