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When Palmers Green Library reopens in the summer of 2015 after its refurbishment, it appears that bookshelf space will be considerably smaller than at present.  In fact, one regular user's conclusion from looking at the artist's impressions of the refurbished library is that it will no longer really be a library, just a room with some books:

I have recently been in the PG Library and taken a quick look at the architect's illustrations of the refurbished premises. Initially I thought there must be some illustrations missing as there did not appear to be a library in the mix, just shelves three deep around the perimeter of what is now the main library, containing books.

On my second visit I took a closer look and spoke to one of the librarians who confirmed that the extent of the library would be reduced, according to the picture, to three rows of shelves around the walls. There are now four rows of shelves around the walls as well as the various island units (I apologise for not knowing the proper names of these things).

As someone who has been a regular user of this library for over 30 years it concerns me that it will by and large no longer exist after the refurbishment.

The library will close for refurbishment at 5.30pm on 26 July and reopen about a year later.  During its closure, nearby libraries will have extended opening hours, beginning on Monday 11 August:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  
Bowes Road
  2pm- 7pm   2pm-7pm   9am-5pm 18 hours
Southgate Circus Library 9am- 8pm 9am- 5pm   9am-8pm 9am- 5.30pm 9am-5pm 46.5 hours
Winchmore Hill Library 9am- 8pm 9am- 7pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am- 5.30pm 9am- 5.30pm 56 hours
Ridge Avenue Library 9am- 8pm 9am- 8pm 9am-8pm 9am-8pm 9am- 5.30pm 9am-5pm 60.5 hours
Mobile Library on Lodge
Drive car park
    9am-5pm     9am- 5.30pm 16.5 hours
              197.5 hours

Two information sessions will be held at the Library during July:  on the 7th (5.30 to 7pm) and 12th (2.30 to 4pm).

Enfield council's website has a special page with information about the refurbishment programme.

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