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enfield western wards revised proposalsThe boundary commissioners have revisited their proposals for Enfield wards west of the A10, redistributing swathes of land between Cockfosters, Ridgeway and Oakwood wards. Coloured shading denotes the new proposals, black lines are the boundaries proposed in May

The Local Government Boundaries Commission (LGBC) has revised its earlier proposals for new wards in the London Borough of Enfield and has reopened consultation. The new consultation applies only to 13 of the proposed new wards, all of them west of the A10 and north of the A406, including Palmers Green ward.

The proposals consulted on in May 2019 envisaged a radical redrawing of wards across the entire borough and the commissioners are satisfied that their proposals for east of the A10 were essentially acceptable, with some changes that they have not yet revealed. However, on the basis of feedback from the May consultation, the commissioners have made some modifications in the west of the borough. The biggest changes are to proposed wards in the north west, redistributing whole swathes of territory between Cockfosters, Ridgeway and Oakwood wards.

pg and arnos grove revised wards proposals 2The new proposals for ward boundaries in and around Palmers Green. The black lines show the May 2019 proposals, the new proposals are shown by the coloured shading.

In our part of the borough the proposals are not much changed: a new-look two-councillor Palmers Green ward remains based around the Triangle and Green Lanes, comprising the Lakes Estate, the Hazelwood Estate and streets to its south as far as the North Circular. As before, all parts of the current Palmers Green ward east of the New River will be part of the new Highfield ward. The commissioners have been persuaded to move Broomfield Park into Palmers Green ward - it is, after all, strongly associated with Palmers Green and, unless and until houses are built in the stableyard, has exactly zero voters. Windsor and Osborne Roads and the northern ends of Lightcliffe Road and New River Crescent move from Winchmore Hill to Palmers Green. Presumably as a quid pro quo, Palmers Green loses all houses north of Fox Lane, apart from those in Crothall Close.

An interactive map on the LGBC website allows you to zoom in and out, examine the current boundaries, the May 2019 and the latest proposals, and even draw in your own ideas for boundaries.

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