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A pedestrian crossing in Southgate has been transformed by local designer Dan Maier, who says she wanted to create something bright and cheery, introducing the essence of nature and its vibrant colours into our urban landscape. A second crossing, in Enfield Town, has been reimagined by Alevi artist Hasan Bölücek. Three more crossings are due to get the treatment, including one in Palmers Green.

A new single written by two musicians from Palmers Green vividly portrays life on the NHS frontline at the height of the pandemic. Working on the Frontline was written by Kate St John and Neill McColl and is performed by BAFTA-nominated actor and singer Jessie Buckley and her band Jessie & The Leonards.

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This is possibly our final playlist in this series, as we plan to return to live music at St Harmonica's on Friday 25 September 2020 (sorry - already sold out!), regulations permitting. It features some of our regular performers, hopefully coming to play for us again soon. We hope you have enjoyed the playlists over the past six months.

Only two weeks until St Harmonica's restarts at the Southgate Club - reserve your seat now. In the meantime, we have another fine selection - Unplugged and Mellow - chosen by Simon Bennett.

Simon Gilbert, former choral director of the Enfield Community Singers, invites everybody to join him to sing for fun at the Dugdale Centre, Enfield Town's top entertainment spot.

Greetings from St Harmonica's Blues Club, Southgate, North London. All being well, we will be re-opening for live music on Friday 25th September 2020. Until then, we'll carry on with the weekly playlists. This week's selections are based on an even bigger list of suggestions from Chris Howe. Hope you enjoy his wide-ranging tastes in bluesy music.

Enfield & Southgate WEA has a number of exciting courses running this autumn and all are available for booking now on the WEA website.

Enrol on one of Collage Writing Room's online writing workshops this Autumn and join our supportive writing community: Poetry; Life Writing & Memoir; Prioritise Your Writing; Novella Fever; Explore Creative Writing. Courses are for six weeks starting in September and November via ZOOM and cost £125.

On Sunday 30th August join four fabulous Enfield Poets on Enfield Town Library Green when they send off the Peace Poem on a voyage to Pymmes Park. A free family event.

A new Manga mural by artist and theatrical designer Sonoko Obuchi, featuring representations of students from Platinum Dance, has been officially unveiled at the Millfield Arts Centre in Silver Street Edmonton. The mural celebrates the local enthusiasm and passion for the arts that Platinum is an important part of, and also marks the launch of a new venture, the Platinum Performing Arts Academy, which opens next month.

This week's playlist from St Harmonica's Blues Club was compiled by regular Friday night attendee and blues (and more!) musicologist, Anne Piggott. Spot the ones often covered by players at the club ;-) One or two of these songs were also featured in our recent Ask The Audience playlist, but who cares? They're great