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imagePatrick Samuel - one of the artists involved in Enfield's bid for cultural recognition

An exhibition of work by Palmers Green artist Patrick Samuel will launch Enfield Council's bid for the borough to become a "London Borough of Culture".

imagePatrick's show, Escape and Return, runs at the Dugdale Centre from 7th November until 2nd December.  Earlier this year we published an article written by Patrick - a moving story of how taking up art turned his life around.

The London Borough of Culture was launched this year.  The capital's 32 boroughs will  bid for more than £1 million of funding to stage a programme of cultural events and initiatives, which will be supported by a grant of £300,000 from City Bridge Trust, part of the City of London Corporation.  Two boroughs will be crowned winners in February, taking the title of London Borough of Culture for 2019 and 2020 respectively.  In addition, £600,000 is available for to up to six boroughs which don’t win the title, but which put forward exemplary projects. Another major element of the competition will focus on how the award can bring real change to the winning borough, delivering a lasting legacy for the area. Boroughs will be encouraged to consider how arts and culture can help them deliver their local plans, for example through training and skills development as well as regeneration projects.

Enfield's bid will focus on how art and culture in the borough has the power to change residents’ lives for the better and helps us to tell the story of their lives and experiences.

Over the coming months the council will be consulting local artists, arts organisations and our communities to help shape the bid to truly reflect the aspirations of all parts of Enfield. If you'd like to be involved please get in touch at  , send a tweet at @Enfield_Fest or through Facebook at @enfieldfestivals.

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PGC Webmaster posted a reply #3328 08 Nov 2017 11:22

Enfield's bid to be London Borough of Culture was launched yesterday when Palmers Green artist Patrick Samuel's exhibition Escape and Return opened at the Dugdale Centre. From left: Cllr Yasemin Brett, Cabinet Member for Community, Arts & Culture; Cllr Christine Anderson, Mayor of Enfield; Patrick Samuel; Cllr Doug Taylor, Leader of Enfield Council.

"Art is my medium of escape; from the noise, the lights, the fumes and the constant stream of information. It’s deafening and blinding. The pushing and the shoving, and the race to get everywhere first and have everything now. I want it all to stop.

"Painting and drawing lets me soar past the planets, where I can let my hands glide across the stars as I say goodbye to it all. Watch it fade away. And I do get that far when I realise how much I’d leave behind back on Earth; the trees, the sound of laughter and the colour of sound, the colourable real, the mythical and fantastic. I realise how much I’d miss it all. How much I’d miss you. This is my return."