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owch logo"We wanted to be in charge of our lives, we wanted to make things better, to live longer, to live more creatively, and still have energy to give back to the community."

"This is the first senior co-housing community in the UK. We've got 26 women who know each other, share core values, do things together, and look out for each other. What better neighbours could you ask for?"

The opening words of an inspiring new video about OWCH - Older Women's Co-Housing - whose New Ground co-housing development in Muswell Hill is now up and running. 

"We are carving out a path for others in our age group to follow. We hope they have an easier journey than ours, now we have shown the way. The senior cohousing community could enrich the last years of many, and reduce pressures on health and care services, if local authorities, planners, policy makers and housing developers helped to remove the many obstacles society puts in its way."


OWCH website

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