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kitten on a fatbergA new comic novel, by three local authors living in the same road in Palmers Green, is to be published this year by Unbound.

The book, called Kitten on a Fatberg, is a farcical story, told in emails, about an imaginary writers group.

"The seven members are all quite eccentric in their different ways, and the plot involves romance, deception, a cosplay stalker, and an alien mothership invasion - among many other things," says Dan Brotzel, one of the co-authors.

Dan lives off Aldermans Hill in Palmers Green along with his two co-authors, Alex Woolf and Martin Jenkins. The three belong to a writers group themselves, which gave them the idea for Kitten on a Fatberg.

The book took nearly two years to write. "We each took on a couple of the characters, and sent each other messages in character," says Dan. "None of us knew exactly what would happen next, so you'd have to read the email, find out what your character had been up to, and come up with a response. Every so often we'd have a pub meet and try to think about the overall plot. It was all great fun to do."

And were the characters based on real life? "Well, all the people in the group in the book are bonkers - nothing like ours of course."

Help get the book launched and support local authors - order your copy today:

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