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Fox Lane & District Residents Association (FLDRA) has updated and expanded its list of local shops, restaurants and other businesses that are providing services, including home deliveries, during lockdown. The geographical scope has been enlarged to take in Southgate Green, Chaseside and Winchmore Hill.

The lists can now be accessed direct from the home page of the FLDRA website.

***Live well during lockdown!***
Businesses supporting Enfield residents during Covid-19


During this difficult time, please help us support our local businesses, many of which have found new ways of delivering services to their  customers:

  • Many restaurants have switched providing food deliveries or collections
  • Traditional food takeaways have remained open
  • There is a wide range of smaller independent grocery stores providing a very wide range of goods. And some do delivery too
  • Other businesses are finding new ways of delivering their services; try on line yoga for instance


These lists will always be a work in progress. If your business has just reopened or you know one that has – drop us a line and we can add to our lists.

And all are doing this in a safe and secure manner

And finally don’t forget the delivery drivers – a nice tip will never offend!

So help yourself and help our businesses survive. Sadly if we don’t many may not be there when normality returns.

Here is what our councillors have to say:

Maria Alexandrou: “I believe it’s vitally important for residents to support local businesses. Many businesses offer home deliveries and we should look to help them even more at this extraordinary time. Thank you for providing a list of shops that are open- this is a lifeline for both residents and shop owners. These businesses after all are the backbone of our local economy and we want to see them thrive going forward.”

Dinah Barry: “Keep healthy and keep our local business healthy too. Our local businesses are looking after us by delivering groceries and tasty meals. Let’s look after them. ‘Support local businesses – they are supporting us.”

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