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In their latest film Palmers Green Tales interview people involved with the North London Netball League.  The League is actually made up of ten leagues and the many teams involved play their matches in Broomfield Park - every other Saturday between September and April (plus a summer league in May and June on weekday evenings).

Unfortunately, the courts, despite being "patched up" several times, are near the end of their life and need to be dug up and completely rebuilt. Obtaining the money to do this will be problematical, but the league is hoping that the courts can be renewed in time for the start of their 70th season in September 2020.

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Karl Brown's Avatar
Karl Brown posted a reply #4517 08 May 2019 16:00
What an absolutely fantastic story. How can you possibly put a price on this with its huge spectrum of benefits: health (physical, mental, now and later), community glue, comradeship, personal development across numerous dimensions, on and on. It’s also great for the Palmers Greenery, itself providing fantastic community and personal development, and with so many teams coming from out-of–area, it’s clearly a marvellous flagship for PG. It beggars belief that there is a real risk of it folding due to the capital needs of the courts. We really seem to have lost the plot as a society in where the line between money and value lies. (And lets hope PG Tales can eventually buy themselves a fuzzy mic cover to mitigate the wind noise! Well done to them too in bringing this success story – and current issue - to the attention of so many .)

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