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new river schemeBack in March 2016 we reported that a new green space was being created between the New River and Green Lanes between the junctions with Carpenter Garden and Barrowell Green.  There were signs that work was underway, but then it just stopped...

It turns out that negotiations between Enfield Council and Thames Water about leasing the strip of land proved to be rather protracted. But now work is restarting.

The project goes under the title New River Opportunities and it appears that the plans haven't changed since last year.

new river environmental improvementsAn artist's impression of the improved green space, from the Carpenter Gardens end


green space along new river

green space 41. A row of pin oaks with striking autumn colour planted along the site boundary. These provide screening for surrounding properties, but through having 2m clear stems they also allow for sight lines into the site from Green Lanes to be opened up.

green space 32. Boulders installed between trees and footpath to form a ‘play  on the way’ track for children and to stop vehicles from entering  the site. Subtle patterns on the boulders link to wildlife on the  New River.

green space 23. High quality, robust seats installed at seating area. Cycle stands  installed near the entrance off of the pedestrian/cycle path to  encourage people to stop and lock bikes safely before walking  into the green space.

green space 14. Planting areas with hardy, colourful plants create year-round  interest and contribute to site biodiversity

new river environmental improvements detail

The first person to post to the forums the function of the grey/black metal object next to the New River on the left of the picture wins a year's free subscription to the PGC newsletter.

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David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #3958 10 Jul 2018 12:10
Wow, stunning, these will look absolutely amazing. Such an improvement.

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