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 broomfield park wetlands planting 2b

There was a big turnout of volunteers to help plant the new Broomfield Wetlands on a sunny Tuesday morning this week.

broomfield park wetlands planting 3b

The planting was coordinated by Thames 21 and Enfield Council.  The volunteers included two councillors,  one from either side of the political divide - Daniel Anderson, who represents Southgate Green, and Lindsay Rawlings, a councillor in Town ward, but someone with strong links to Palmers Green and Broomfield Park.  Daniel is in the photo above, in the hi-vis jacket.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a photograph of Lindsay.

broomfield park wetlands planting 1b

Also joining in were members of the Pymmes Brookers, Friends of Broomfield Park, local residents and corporate social volunteers from Coca-Cola - funding for the wetlands has come from the Coca-Cola Foundation.

The wetlands will be fenced off for another three months, as will the area in the upper field where the spoil from digging the ponds was spread.  Topsoil from this area that had been removed and stored separately has been put back on top of the spoil and the area has been levelled off - it's now slightly more elevated than it was before.  This area too will remain fenced off until the grass is well established.

broomfield park wetlands planting 4

If the results of all the digging and earth moving has left the park rather less green than usual, a visit to the Firs Farm wetlands will give you an impression of what the Broomfield scheme will look like in a couple of years - and it's not just a matter of the wetlands vegetation that will have grown up, there will also be a big enrichment in fauna - great fun for kids of all ages!

And as well as providing a new source of natural wonder in the park, the Broomfield wetlands will be playing a small part in the fight against flooding and pollution in watercourses - ranging from local streams like the Pymmes Brook to the River Lee and the Thames itself.  See this article for a great animated graphic explaing why wetlands are being created.

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PGC Webmaster's Avatar
PGC Webmaster posted a reply #4559 29 May 2019 15:55
A report about the wetlands planting on the Rivers Trust website has a couple of photos taken from above by a drone.

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