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A message from Palmers Green artist and musician Patrick Samuel:

distantstar album 002Greetings!

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the summer. I’m writing to let you know about some exciting things that have been happening and very much hope you can join me in these celebrations!

Now that I’ve been signed onto the Tiergarten Records label and following the release of my first single earlier this year, the full album, Distant Star, is now available to pre-order from my Bandcamp page. The album can be bought as a digital download and you’ll immediately receive the new single, Perfect Strangers, as well as Witchcraft. Or you can order the limited-edition 4-panel digipak CD which comes with full-colour artwork and features a cover sticker and track listing insert in English Braille. Or both! You’ll not just be supporting me as an artist, but also Tiergarten Records in their mission to keep releasing independent music by autistic musicians. The album comes out on August 16th.


The video for Perfect Strangers has just been released and you can watch it here. Unlike the Witchcraft video which features a lot of dancing, Perfect Strangers finds its focus along the shoreline in Folkestone, the place that first inspired the album, as well as Alexandra Palace and St. Andrews Church in North London. It highlights the search for spiritual guidance and the longing to communicate with what’s around us.

To coincide with the release of the album, on Friday August 23rd I will be launching my 8th solo exhibition and hosting a record release party which I’d like to invite you to. It will take place at Starfish & Coffee in Palmers Green and is titled Distant Star – Waveforms. The exhibition will be like a visual companion to the album, as I used lyrics from the songs to create waveform landscapes that probably tell more about my music than I could with words. The event will start from 7pm. You can read more about the exhibition here: 

Distant Star – Waveforms
An exhibition by Patrick Samuel
23 August 2019 from 7pm
Starfish & Coffee • 92 Aldermans Hill • Enfield • London • N13 4PP

So there you have it; new music, new video and new exhibition all in one email. Go ahead, pre-order the album and show your support, enjoy the video and RSVP to to let me know if you’ll be attending the exhibition launch and release party on August 23rd!

Kindest wishes,


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