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spirals of life poster with fernDuring April the theme for the Spirals of Life exhibition in Broomfield Conservatory is Bamboo and Grass.  "Botanical sculptures" created by Cathy Taylor and June Dawes can be seen nestling among the normal plants in the flower beds.

porcelain grasses and cowparsleyGrasses from Broomfield Park, with Cow Parsley (porcelain paper clay with porcelain slip)Cathy writes:

"Can you imagine how to make a sculpture of grass? It's not easy, is it? Ai Wei Wei did it, but his grass was hard and spiky, and each tuft of grass was separate. I prefer June's wavy version - it looks both pliable and fragile at the same time. It has to be said that it is based on work by Alberto Bustos, though probably made in a different fashion.

"The bamboo sculptures are based on...bamboo. They are quite simple - just three bamboo canes with no leaves. Each cane is made up of a number segments, made separately and then slotted together - so not so simple to make. Surprisingly, they blend in with the other plants, so one visitor was heard to say, 'But that plant is just stalks!'

"Come and see if you can spot the grass and bamboo.

"On 24th April there is the second workshop, open to all adults and children over 6. We will be making pinch pots - little pots that you make in your hand - and we will turn them into pitcher plants, fruits or seed pods. The first workshop was very popular, so come early to be sure of a place.

"Most of the leaves from the first workshop have now been fired and are looking good - I'll post photographs when they are all done."

Spirals of Life continues until the end of June.  You can visit on Wednesdays and Sundays only between 2.30 and 4.30pm.

On Sunday 17th April in addition to the Spirals of Life displays the Friends of Broomfield Park will be selling outdoor plants in the Conservatory to raise money to purchase new plants.

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