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karl brown on enfield voicesFrancis Sealey's interviews with local community activists continue with Karl Brown speaking about the Palmers Green Festival - how it started, how it's run and what innovations we can look forward to this year.

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The organisers of the Palmers Green Festival have issued an appeal for help of a very practtcal kind.

Palmers Green Festival seeks relief

palmers green festival logoFestival organisers are worried that its ongoing success might cause some discomfort to visitors. Organising volunteer Angie Smith explained, “For a number of years our portaloos have been funded by a hugely generous £600 annual donation by a Palmer’s Green resident. Because the festival is developed, organised and funded entirely by members of our local community and that individual has now left the area, we’ve been caught short. We’re already paying over £1000 every festival for litter collection and there are loads of other costs such as insurance to meet. Our long time community sponsor, Winkworth estate agency, already picks up many other costs so we can put on a fun and free event for everyone.”

It would be a great relief for the organisers, and we dare say festival attendees, if a sponsor were to come forward willing to make good the costs of six extra loos and one special access portaloo. Director Philip Chard added, “Our fun and free mission must cover the whole event”. Festival organisers can be contacted via the web site or social media. A sponsor supporting the 2018 theme of Health and Wellbeing theme would be most appreciated.

The Palmers Green Festival takes place each year in Broomfield Park N13 on the first Sunday in September.

Please support us at:

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The organisers of the Palmers Green Festival have announced two innovations for this year's Festival on 2nd September:  an Arts & Crafts zone and a Speakers' Corner.  And they're seeking ideas and input into how to fill these new spaces.

pg festival logo all green

Arts & Crafts on the Bowling Green

This year the festival will have a new special area dedicated to our local Arts and Crafts - the Bowling Green!  We are keen to support our local craftsmen so there are various promotions available for those who register early. Please get in touch by emailing us at  to find out more.

Volunteers needed
We are also looking for a volunteer to manage this project - please get in touch with us if you would like to help out.

The Speakers' Corner

speakers corner

A selection of debates, panel discussions and interviews and a place to be inspired, educated and entertained.

We want to hear from YOU, and are inviting the community to submit topic ideas via an online form, via email () or via social media.

Preliminary topics include:

  • mental health
  • community safety
  • inter-generation wars
  • meet your MP
  • technologies that will shape our future.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Palmers Green Festival website

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pg festival dancers smallPalmers Green Festival 2018 - Sunday 2nd September Noon to 7pm

pg festival squares

Organised in conjunction with the Friends of Broomfield Park

sponsored by winkworth

This year the Palmers Green Festival takes place on 2nd September.  As always it will be fun and be free. But this year it will also have a special theme: Health and Wellbeing. Its fare of world champion dancing, a fun-fair, two music stages, waggiest tail and other dog competitions, over 100 stalls to browse and lots more, will be augmented by a focus on building a stronger, healthier community and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Festival organiser and NHS worker Philip Chard told us, “When I heard that only one in every twenty residents of Enfield is sufficiently active to benefit their health, I stood back in amazement. Apparently we spend a massive £14m pa on car journeys of less than two miles. For the sake of a bit of walking or cycling, we are dying unnecessarily early, and even spending loads to do it!”

Phillip will be asking the people providing food and drink at the Festival to adhere to the Healthier Catering Commitment for London, while all stallholders will have to incorporate Health and Wellbeing into their offer.

“Dancing is one of those super-exercises - it’s fun and good for your mind as well as your body”, said Heather Oakley of Salsatricity (, coordinator of the Festival’s dance zone. “It’s good for brain power, eases stress, is good for the elderly, and at the other age extreme, who can’t help but smile at a youngster learning to dance?  We have it all at the Festival and even provide lessons for free, often by the best of the best; we really are talking world champions.”

Sponsorship for Enfield’s biggest - and surely best – free event for everyone will again be provided by Winkworth of Palmers Green. Director Nick Charalambous now has a brand new cycle lane outside his office. “I haven’t given up on my car just yet but I’m happy to encourage everyone to attend and to come along on foot power or on a bicycle. As always, it’ll be a magnificent day for Palmers Green.”

As always, the Festival will be free, but someone has to pay for it all...

For the seventh year in a row, Nick "The Festival" Charalambous of PG's Winkworth will be sponsoring the event, but donations from others are always welcome, so "feel free" to use the Donate button on this page or on the Festival website.

PayPal Donate Button

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Ann and Hugh Humphrey have announced that there will be no more N21 Festival events but that there will be another Fancy Fair this year.

The 2017 Fancy Fair on Winchmore Hill Green was the most recent N21 Festival event.  The first event was held in 2012, again on the Green, and there have been two winter events - the St Nicholas Fair.

These have all been very successful events designed to interest and entertain people with many different tastes.  But they have required a huge input from volunteers, which it is difficult to sustain over the years.  However, the good news is that there will be another Fancy Fair - see the message below from Ann and Hugh.

Goodbye to the N21 Festival!

fancy fair on winchmore hill green

Now that the dust has settled after the Fancy Fair in July last year, and after discussions with the N21 Festival team it quickly became clear that we could not sustain the number of hours and commitment to put on another such event. The N21 Festival is therefore no more !

Luckily, however, one of the original Festival team, Adrian Webb, has agreed to put on a "Fancy Fair" on Saturday 7th July 2018. This will be run on a commercial basis. This will be a change to the previous events which were put on purely as a community event. Adrian is obviously looking for sponsors, stall holders and contributors for his event so if you would like to get involved contact him at  or look on the website for more details. Adrian used to run very large events so is familiar with what is required, and if anyone can make a success of the venture, Adrian will ! We wish him well.

We're looking forward to enjoying the next event rather than being constantly concerned about security and rubbish !!  Although the primary aim of the N21 Festival was to create all involving community events, we have been able to make donations to our three charities over the five years we have been doing these events.

In October we were able to give each of our charities - the Alzheimer's Society, Noah's Ark Children's Hospice and the Enfield branch of the National Autistic Society - £3,000, which meant, over a five year period, we have given over £25,000 to charity and ran four major events on the Green.This just wouldn't have been possible without the involvement of so many people too numerous to mention. You know who you are and what you did - thank-you again.

Ann and Hugh Humphrey

This article was edited on 17 February 2018 to remove some erroneous information.

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palmers green festival logopeople at 2017 palmers green festival

The 2018 Palmers Green Festival date has been announced: Sunday 2nd September from 12 noon to 7pm in Broomfield Park.

The theme for this year's Festival will be Health and Wellbeing and all stalls will be encouraged to offer an element of healthy living and community wellbeing.

Anyone interested in running a stall at the Festival should send an expression of interest email to to include an explanation of how they would meet the Health and Wellbeing focus.  The Festival Committee will then select suitable stalls.

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David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #3550 17 Jan 2018 09:51
Excellent festival theme! Fingers crossed for the weather...

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There'll be so many things going on at the Palmers Green Festival on 3rd September that you might miss some of them, so over the next couple of weeks we'll be highlighting a few that you might enjoy, This time we look at the 2nd Palmers Green Art Festival.

palmers green art festival 2016 1A new feature at last year's PG Festival was the Art Festival, run by Starfish & Coffee.  More than 35 artists exhibited their work along Aldermans Hill.

palmers green art festival 2016 2The Art Festival will be back this year in the same place.  Aykut Hilmi of Starfish & Coffee introduces the range of artists who will be represented:

palmers green art festival 2016 3"On the one hand we will have celebrated people like Royal Academy artist Patrick Morgan, who did the art for the Star Wars movies, Maddox Gallery artist Finn Stone.  On the other hand, there will be exhibitors straight out of Art School. Some will have had their work exhibited on the Professional Gallery Wall at Starfish & Coffee, others are up-and-coming local artists."

The Palmers Green Festival will be open from 10am on Sunday 3rd September.

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There'll be so many things going on at the Palmers Green Festival on 3rd September that you might miss some of them, so over the next couple of weeks we'll be highlighting a few that you might enjoy, starting with Try-a-Bike.

cargo bikeThink you can't cycle? Think again!

tricycleYou don't have to be young, fit or even able-bodied to ride a bike. And lots of bikes are great for carrying kids and/or shopping.

tricycleCome and try some out for free at Palmers Green Festival! We have cargo bikes to carry kids or heavy loads, 3-wheeled bikes, family tandems, electric bikes, folding bikes, seats for kids, trailers, tag alongs ... there's something for everyone!

These are some of the more unusual bikes (tricycles actually) that you can try out, but there will be some normal ones too!

Find the Better Streets for Enfield stall in the tennis courts, Broomfield Park on Sunday 3 September 12-7pm. And let your family and friends know, so that they can have a try too.

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pg festival logoTwo weeks to go before the Palmers Green Festival!

What can we expect at this year's 10th PG Festival?  Well, pretty much the same eclectic mix as before, something for all ages and tastes.  Music, dance, a funfair, food, drink, art and craft stalls, local history, conservation groups, community groups, charities, political parties (do they count as fun?), a dog show (prizes include Prettiest Bitch and Dog with the Waggiest Tail) and more.  Check out the website for a complete list.

There'll be so many things going on that you might miss some of them, so over the next couple of weeks we'll be highlighting a few that you might enjoy.

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classics on the greenThis year the Palmers Green Festival organisers are planning to use the former bowling green in Broomfield Park to stage "Classics on the Green" - an afternoon of local musicians playing classical music.

This innovation will depend on finding a local volunteer who would put together a line-up of locally based musicians.  They would be supported by the Festival Team, but would be responsible for administering and stage managing on the day.

If you are local, have a few hours a month and are interested in classical music, the Festival Team would like to hear from you.

Please email Phillip on .


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David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #3056 29 Jun 2017 09:52
Starfish often have live musicians, maybe someone can contact them for help?

Lovely idea.

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pg festival dancing cropped

Four months to go before the biggest event in the PG calendar - the Palmers Green Festival.  This year the Festival will be back in Broomfield Park on 3rd September.

The 2017 Festival will look, feel and sound very similar to last year and the year before, but in its tenth year there will need to be some changes behind the scenes. The Festival is now so popular that the volunteer-run approach that has worked so well needs more professional - ie paid for - backup.

As before, Winkworth estate agents are providing sponsorship, but that still leaves costs of more than £7000.  Phillip Chard, the chief festival organiser, is looking for sponsorship from more local businesses, would like if possible to get help from a fundraiser and is also asking members of the public to make a small donation to help ensure that the event can go ahead.

Phillip's only asking for £1 each - so without any further ado, get over to the Palmers Green Festival website and click on the Donate button.

What the money is needed for

1. £451.69:    Public Insurance
2. £120.00:    Admin fee to Enfield Council to process our application
3. £390.00:    Occasional Sales License
4. £21.00:      Temporary Events Notice - allowing us to have music
5. £800.00:    Site Hire Fee paid to Enfield Council for use of the park
6. £61.02:      Music License - paid to PRS
7. £120.00:    Music License - Paid to PPL
8. £2,400.00: Paid for Stewards - to keep us all safe on the day
9. £558.00:    Extra Toilets
10. £315.60:    First Aid cover provided by St John's
11. £400.00:    Stages X 2 for bowling green and the dance zone
12. £400.00:    Music Sound Equipment Band stand
13. £200.00:    Electrician - to make sure all is safely wired up
14. £300.00:    PR Post Cards to send to local homes
15. £1,050.00: Professional Litter Pickers - paid to Enfield council
16. £200.00:    General Printing

£7,787.31   Total we need to raise for Festival 2017

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palmers green festival logoThe Palmers Green Festival has developed a website tool to support other local event organisers and local home start-up entrepreneurs.

We need help to develop the website a little further. We are looking for someone local with knowledge of Word Press with a few hours spare.

A very small budget is available to pay expenses.

Please contact Phillip on .

Palmers Green Festival
Palmers Green CIC

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palmers scream imageBroomfield Park Halloween 2015 - over 2000 people came together to have a brilliant night of spooky tales, drama and dancing

  • Click on the link below to say 'yes' to having another Palmers Scream in 2017 and to be kept informed.
  • To make it happen we need your creativity and involvement.
  • Our area is brimming with great people with creative flair and enthusiasm - release it by getting involved and make Palmers Scream happen again!



palmers scream people

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Exactly one month to go until Palmers Green Festival 2016.  Expect the same mix as before of fun and games, food and drink, music and dancing, things to buy, people to talk to...

However, behind the scenes there will  be some changes in the way the PG Festival is run this year.  The chief organiser behind all the Festivals to date, and this year's too, is Phillip Chard, who explains how the Festival's phenomenal success makes it necessary to do things a bit differently this time:

"The aim for the Festival has always been simply to celebrate our diverse community with a free festival in the local park.

"Palmers Green Festival is proud to have gained 'annual status' in Palmers Green’s cultural diary. However, it’s possibly on the verge of become a victim of its own success! It seems the more successful our festival becomes, the more expensive it becomes!

"Since it began, the festival has always been run by volunteers but as the festival has grown in popularity each year we gradually realised that we could no longer expect our volunteers to do the heavy logistical 'cars in & cars out' set-up schedule at 6.30 in the morning. 

"Neither can they be called upon any more to look after the 6000 people who attended last year, consequently this year we will need to hire in professional stewards to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely.

"When we factored all the extra costs into this year’s budget. We discovered that we were paying practically everyone except the musicians!....This was no longer fair to us. so, we are trying to raise the funds so that we can pay the musicians at least the Musicians Union’s minimum rate. 

"The festival will always be free and open to everyone, however costs are such that we would accept and appreciate any donation offered.  

"If you know someone who might like to sponsor the event. please ask them to get in touch."

Some facts about the festival

In 2016 the Festival donated £1000.00 to the Ruth Winston Centre for their Ending Loneliness Project

Festival doesn’t look to make a huge profit and any surplus is invested back into the event.  

It’s going to cost us a shocking £1050.00 just to clear the litter away from the day's event!

Security & traffic stewards will cost us nearly £2100.00

First Aid for the day supplied by St. John’s will cost nearly £500.00

It costs £920.00 just to use the park

All the licences we will need for one day, PRS, PPL, OSL, TEN will cost £600.00

Toilets are a flushing £500.00

Insurance is coming in at nearly £500.00

We’d like to pay the Musicians in the two performance areas, this is coming in at £2500.00 if we pay MU minimum. We are actively looking for Sponsorship for the performance areas of the festival

If you haven't been to a previous PG Festival, the video below from 2013 will give you a good idea of what it's like (just multiply the number of people by 3 or 4!)

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Change to Programme: Saturday 18th June, 7.30pm.
This evening the Mary Lamb Lecture was to have been given by our MP, Kate Osamor.
Kate was a friend of the MP Jo Cox who was murdered on Thursday, and quite understandably is unable to join us this evening.
In place of the lecture, a local actor will be giving a reading of the essay which inspired our annual lecture, Mary Lamb's 'On Needlework'. You can read an excellent article about the importance of the essay here:
We will begin this evening's event with two minutes silence as a mark of respect for Jo Cox, and for her family and friends.
All the best,
Festival Organiser.

lamb festival june 2016

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