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Adult education

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Morning, day and longer courses offered by Enfield & Southgate WEA

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Morning and day courses

 wea summer day lectures 2018a

Saturday Lecture: Women on Film

This year, the UK celebrates the centenary of women winning the vote. This illustrated film lecture commemorates this milestones in women's rights with a look at key films by, with and about women, the women's movement and women's lives since 1918. There will be clips from key films from across the globe.

  • Date: 04/08/2018
  • Start Time: Sat 10:15
  • Location: Enfield Baptist Church
  • Tutor: Ruth Mulandi
  • Fee: £9.00

A Summer’s Morning in the Company of Two Very Interesting Greek Chaps  

The course will focus on ideas by two important philosophers from Ancient Greece: Plato and Aristotle. We will read a short extract from Plato's Republic and discuss his famous metaphor of the Cave; and we will discuss Aristotle's conception of tragedy - making for an entertaining, enjoyable and intellectually stimulating morning.

The English Country House in Literature  

We will explore a diverse range of writings, in prose and poetry, serious and comic, which are about, or at least partly inspired by, the English Country House. Works chosen will be from the 17th to 21st centuries and will include writers from Andrew Marvell to P.G. Wodehouse, and from Jane Austen, to Kazuo Ishiguro. The course will consider how the notion and actuality of the Country House has inspired writers and also how it has reflected changing social mores and political changes, across the centuries.

Longer courses

Examined lives: The art of autobiography  

The course will cover a diversity of autobiographical writings in different genres in prose narratives, diaries and letters and poetry. There will be a consideration of how writers select and edit material for theses works and alsoow they relect and our reflective of the eras in which they ere written. works to be covered will be as follows: William Wordsworth: The Prelude Oscar Wilde : De Profundis Edmund Gosse: Father and Son George Gissing: The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft ( extracts) Virginia Woolf: Diaries and letters Katherine Mansfield: Diaries and letters

Alfred Hitchcock - Master of Suspense  

In this 5-week course, we will explore key works by Alfred Hitchcock, tracing his career from his beginnings in the silent era to highly popular spy thrillers from his British period in the 1930s to his work in the States, including highly influential films like Notorious, North By North West, Vertigo and Pyscho. We will look at the influences that shaped his work from German expressionism to surrealism to Soviet montage; his cinematic style, key themes and collaborators.

Gothic - From Mediaeval Spires to Victorian Follies  

This course will explore the art the architecture of the gothic period, its influence on 19th century architecture and design in the form of the neo-gothic and the emergence of the gothic as a literary and filmic genre. We will be looking at the development of the gothic style and key works; how the gothic was reconstructed in the neo-gothic style; the cultural, scientific and social developments that led to the emergence of the gothic sensibility in writings like "Frankenstein", spawning an enduring literary and cinematic genre.

London Geology Underground and Overground  

We can all see the wide range or rocks to build and decorate our buildings. Where did they come from and how were they formed in order to give them the texture and colours. London owes the local geology for its existence and development. It has made it the great city it is today to impress everyone who visits it. We look into all the aspects of the geology under and on top of the ground.

Telling Tales 400 years of narratives in music  

‘Telling Tales’ is a follow-up to the musical appreciation courses held in Enfield in 2017-18. It will further examine the potential for music - with or without a text - to tell stories and reflect the characteristics of all kinds of narratives:- folk-tales, fairy-tales, myths and legends from around the world, even episodes from history. It will try to create a better understanding of how the language of music can deal effectively with all of these, and how composers from the past, famous and not-so-famous, developed their skills in order to become story-tellers.

London Art Galleries, Museums and Historic Houses  

London has a very full treasury of art galleries, museums and historical houses. Each week different venues will be studied – both the history and the contents – from the list below. As well as the “Big Five” - Tate Modern, Tate Britain, National Gallery, British Museum, V&A Museum - London's smaller galleries will be explored. Whether you're into fine art, sculpture, photography, contemporary works or arty events, you will find hidden gems to satisfy your artistic interests: The Saatchi and Serpentine Galleries (contemporary art), Somerset House, Whitechapel Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, Courtauld Gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Guildhall Art Gallery, Newport Street Gallery, Pump House Gallery, Queen's Gallery, The Wallace Collection, White Cube, Kenwood Gallery, plus historical houses with significant art collections. The course will help you appreciate the art works with greater knowledge and confidence, either in the galleries, or at home.

The Workshop of the World: Politics, Progress and Poverty in Victorian England  

By the second half of the nineteenth century, as a result of an industrial revolution and the growth of trade and Empire, Britain had become 'the workshop of the world.' Alongside the massive increase in production and wealth a transformation of British society was taking place. The course will examine some of these social, economic and political changes - campaigns to widen the vote and to improve social conditions, the emergence of trade unions, the beginnings of state education. the growth of industry and cities. The course will also examine the importance of some of the leading figures, writers and artists of the period - Charles dickens, Octavia Hill, George Peabody, Florence Nightingale, Charles Booth, Millicent Fawcett. The course will include a guided walk or visit.

Hitchcock and his influences  

Hitchcock and His influences – Intrigue. Murder. Mistaken Identity and the Long Arm of The Law explores the films and film-makers Hitchcock inspired, from his contemporaries up to today. Among the many genres he influenced, we will be focusing on crime films in particular.

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