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haringey literature live writing classes logoHaringey Literature Live has published its programme of creative writing classes for Spring 2019.  There are six-week courses - some in the day, others in the evening - and monthly one-day masterclasses.  All taught by critically acclaimed writers.  And all open to Enfield residents.

The venue is the Writing Room in Cumberland Road, Wood Green - five minutes walk from the tube station and also not far from Alexandra Palace Station.

Creative writing masterclasses - a perfect Christmas gift for the writer in your life

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The one-day masterclasses are a bargain at £50 - they'd make a perfect Christmas gift!

kiare ladner

Kiare Ladner

Award-winning writer Kiare Ladner (BBC National Short Story Award, Picador novelist) kicks off the programme with The Right To Write on Sunday 27th January, 10.45am to 4pm

Kiare asks: what do you have the right to write about? Having grown up in South Africa, the author has wrestled with this question for many years. Do we have the right to portray characters whose lives take place in harder circumstances than our own? Do we have the responsibility to include these lives in our fictional worlds? 

Yousaf Ali Khan

Yousaf Ali Khan

Other Masterclasses include: 

  • A Synopsis Workshop with Alison Chandler on 2nd February
  • The Meaning of Welcome, a Poetry & Prose Masterclass run in Partnership with refugee charity Haringey Welcome and Ruth Valentine on 24th February
  • and Blank Canvas Script Development with acclaimed Film Director Yousaf Ali Khan (Skin Deep) on 31 March.

All details here:

Six-week creative writing classes

haringey literature live writing classes logo

Novella Fever with Kiare Ladner

Wednesday evenings from 30th January

If the short story is like a photograph and the novel is like a film, the novella is like a fever.

In six weeks, we will aim to start (or finish) drafting a novella. What you work on may be only slightly longer than a short story or slightly shorter than a novel. You may have an idea to explore, or a short story that’s growing, or something resembling a novel in progress. On the course, we will look at what gives this particular form its power. We will think about the value of the instinctive in our writing. We will discuss the general shape a story of this length this may take. In intensive weekly sessions we will workshop both writing and story ideas. All levels welcome.

Developing a Writer’s Journal for Life Writing and Memoir with Giovanna Iozzi

Tuesday mornings from 26th February

A journal is an essential part of any writer’s toolkit, jotting down observations, delving into the past, making sense of life’s events and enhancing creativity by releasing us from self-critical thinking. This new class will allow students to explore memories and events with a series of guided themes each week. Students will be encouraged to forage in their own lives as well as out in the world, collecting stories and images as they go. We will look at extracts of published journals and each week students will have the chance to workshop segments of what they’ve produced. The work will feed into longer pieces of life-writing or form part of a continuous memoir project. There will also be an opportunity to use your journalling to help tell the stories of Haringey refugees and migrants, as part of a collaboration between Haringey Literature Live and Haringey Welcome in the Spring. All levels welcome – those new to writing or more practiced.

Finding the Poem (for prose writers and poets) with Paul Lyalls

Monday evenings from 25th February

Complete beginners to poetry sought! Relative newcomers very welcome! Seasoned poets – come along too! This is a course for anyone who wants to liberate their creativity and immerse themselves in the joy of language. Playful, fun, entertaining, enlightening – explore your word power with Paul Lyalls. A note to prose writers: have you ever wondered what it is like to write in the poetic form? Perhaps you write in prose automatically, but would like to try to use language in another way. If your fiction needs a lift, if your life-writing needs lilt, if your central characters don’t quite sing (or even if they do!) you can free your writing through poetry.

Blank Canvas Short Script Workshop with Yousaf Ali Khan

Thursday mornings from 28th February

A director-led workshop that takes participants on a journey of discovery: shaping the stories we all have within us. Oscar nominated director Yousaf Ali Khan, alongside writing and directing, has taught Acting for the Screen at Mountview; worked with Hi8us Productions on participatory drama for young people and in a story consultant for drama and creative documentary.

This work is based on beginning with a blank sheet of paper and a wish to develop a short film script from scratch. It is not a workshop for developing existing projects.

Details of all courses here:

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