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Philosophy: The History of Ideas

A five-week course with Brandon Robshaw introducing some of the major ideas which have influenced Western thought, art and culture. It is a multidisciplinary course, drawing on ideas from religion, philosophy, art, science and literature. Each session will focus on a text, including works by Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and William Wordsworth, and we will discuss the impact of its key ideas.

Enfield Baptist Church
10:00 – 12.00
5 sessions starting on Tuesday 23rd April – 21st May 2019
Course fee: £43.00*
Course reference C2419898

Film: Around the Mediterranean

A five-week course with Ruth Mulandi explores films made by and set in countries around the Mediterranean, giving an insight into national cinemas from the region and at the same time exploring the ongoing fascination with the region by others, reflected in films about visitors, travellers and explorers.

Enfield Baptist Church
19:00 – 21.15
5 sessions starting on Monday 3rd June – 1st July 2019
Course fee: £48.45 *
Course reference C2420090

Art Appreciation:  Myths, Legends and Romance in Art and Music (part 2)

A five-week course with Colin Lomas continuing the journey through the landscape of literature in art works and music, from ancient to modern times.

Southgate Beaumont
10:00 – 12.00
5 sessions starting on Tuesday 4th June – 2nd July 2019
Course fee: £43.00 *
To enrol please quote the course reference C2419899

* or free if you are in receipt of an income related benefit (only SFA funded)

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