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The Tottenham Park Charitable Trust is warning people with family members buried in Tottenham Park Cemetery that their loved ones' graves are in danger of being deliberately damaged or removed.

The following warning was sent by Huriye Dervish:

I am part of a local community group called 'Tottenham Park Charitable Trust' . We are very concerned about the above Cemetery, which is privately run. If you google the cemetery you'll find a lot of information about our concerns.... we would like to bring it to the attention of your readers that if they have any family buried in this cemetery and think they have long leases and the graves/memorials are safe - they are very mistaken.

The current owners' only concern is to make as much money as they can and they are alleged to be deliberately damaging graves and making them disappear to resell plots!

Please warn your readers - if they have an interest in this Cemetery they should visit to ensure their loved ones graves are okay.

Please publish a warning.

The charitable trust publishes information about the charity at this web address:

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