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election 2018Last week's council elections have strengthened the Labour Group's grip on Enfield Council.  An absolute majority (55 per cent) of votes went to Labour, but owing to the flaws in the First Past the Post voting system a disproportionate number of Labour councillors were elected. Labour's 46 councillors represents 70 per cent of the total.  The Conservatives gathered 35 per cent of votes but won only 17 seats - 26 per cent of the total.

As usual, First Past the Post proved particularly unfair to the Green Party and Liberal Democrats, who won no seats.  A proportional system would have elected three councillors for each party.

Election results by party

Party name

Seats won

% of votes

Labour Party



Conservative Party



Green Party



Liberal Democrats



Independent Member


< 1%

UK Independence Party (UKIP)


< 1%

Women's Equality Party


< 1%

Democrats and Veterans Party


< 1%

Duma Polska = Polish Pride


< 1%

Results for the four "Palmers Green" wards are shown below.  They are now dominated by Labour councillors - 11 out of 12.  Maria Alexandrou in Winchmore Hill will be the sole Conservative councillor.

There are several new councillors:  Elisabeth Chibah in Bowes, Timothy Leaver in Palmers Green, Anne Brown in Southgate Green, Ian Barnes in Winchmore Hill and Maria Alexandrou (also Winchmore Hill).



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