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enfield dispatch no2The November issue of Enfield Dispatch has been published and printed copies should by now be arriving or have arrived at over 200 distribution points around the borough.  You can also read it online in PDF format.

If you'd prefer to have the Dispatch delivered to your home, you can do so if you join the new membership scheme.

By becoming a member, not only will you support real local journalism at a time when most papers are struggling to survive, but you will also have access to "rewards", including home delivery, your name printed in the paper and invitations to special events.  But perhaps more importantly, you'll have a say in the way the new paper develops.

Membership costs £5 a month (or more if you're really keen). If that's too much, there's a cheaper option.  £3 a month will bring you a membership certificate, your name in the paper and on the website and an Enfield Dispatch pin badge.  To join, visit

Features with a Palmers Green angle

This second issue of the new community newspaper, like the first, is packed full of news and features about the borough and its various localities.  Once again, there's a good geographical spread and wide range of topics covered.  The number of new names among the list of contributors is very encouraging - so far it looks as if editor James Cracknell won't find it difficult to fill the paper's pages every month.

Of this month's main features, two relate directly to Palmers Gereen - an interview with local artist Patrick Samuel, fresh from his successful Broomfield Park-themed exhibition at the Dugdale, and an article about the London Pantomimers.  The Pantomimers have been performing in PG since the 1940s, since 1970 at the Intimate Theatre.  This year's Wizard of Oz may well be their final show there, as St Monica's church are planning to demolish our historic local playhouse.

Where to pick up your Dispatch

There's a map of distribution points at They now include several south of the North Circular, mostly along Green Lanes, but also including Trinity-at-Bowes (which, I now know, was where the Pantomimers made their debut in 1944).

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Neil Littman's Avatar
Neil Littman posted a reply #4170 01 Nov 2018 09:22
More news in the paper than ten editions of the Enfield Independent. Shows how much is really going on in the area.

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