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Residents of Park Avenue (Palmers Green) and nearby streets are angry about the disgraceful and insanitary rubbish which has been left strewn on the ground in one of the mews alleys at the back of Green Lanes - the mews on the south side of Park Avenue.  Neither the landlord, residents or council have made any attempt to clear up the mess, which has now been there for about a fortnight.

alley off park avenue n13 16June2015

This alley and the one opposite are well known for their overflowing waste bins, but the problem now is of another order.  The rubbish strewn everywhere in the alley was brought out of a small building at the end of the alley which was apparently being cleared for some purpose - perhaps to squeeze in another resident?  The people who fetched it out of the building just threw it on the ground and have left it there.  As the days go by, the smell has intensified and large rats have been seen in nearby gardens.

According to a post on the Park Avenue neighbourhood watch Facebook page, a phone call to Enfield Council got absolutely nowhere.  It seems that a recent restructuring of the environmental department has resulted in the regular clearing up of the alleys by a Community Payback Team are no longer carried out.  Facebook users now intend to try to persuade the three Palmers Green Ward councillors to take some action.

green lanes park avenue alley rubbish

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Garry Humphreys's Avatar
Garry Humphreys posted a reply #1316 18 Jun 2015 23:48
The state of this alley is an absolute disgrace and I'm interested to hear the suggestion that people connected with a building at the end of the alley have been responsible, though perhaps they are not the only ones: a few weeks back I saw a truck backed up to the closed larger (vehicle) gate with someone standing on the back throwing rubbish from the truck over the gate into the alley!

This should definitely be brought to the attention of our (invisible) ward councillors. Just the sort of thing they were elected to sort out!