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Many people run, swim or cycle to raise money for charity, a few people do two out of three of these things and even fewer combine all three, but one grandmother who does is 72-year-old Eddie Brocklesby, Britain's oldest competing "Ironman" triathlete. And she only took up sport when she was over 50!

silverfit nordic walkingEddie, who recently was listed in the Independent on Sunday’s 100 Happy List 2015, said: "I only started running when I was 50, and competing in triathlons when I was sixty-two. You're never too old to do something new. Ageing is a time of opportunity, and enjoying life."

What are Silverfit’s weekly Silver Sessions?

silverfit dancingEddie helped to launch Silverfit in 2013 and is now bringing it to Broomfield Park. Silverfit is a volunteer-led charity already running in several of London’s boroughs; their new weekly Silver Fridays in Palmers Green will encourage people over 45 to get active, meet new friends – getting happier and healthier at the same time.

What are Silverfit’s weekly Silver Fridays at Broomfield Park?

The recipe for Silver Fridays is simple:

  • 11am – Coffee, tea and registration at Cyril Smith Court (on the corner of Green Lanes and Broomfield Lane)
  • 11.30am – Choice of an hour-long activity – either Nordic Walking with Johanna, Latin American Dance with Derek, or a guided walk with Pete
  • 12.30pm – Back to Cyril Smith Court for coffee, tea and a chat

Silver Fridays at Broomfield Park will launch on Friday 26th June, 2015 at 10.30am. Guests of honour will include Steve Trew, one of the best known names in World Triathlon as a coach, race commentator, journalist and novelist.

Reducing loneliness

Silverfit sessions provide a catalyst for many other qualify of life benefits that go way beyond improved fitness. They offer new social networks, helping reduce loneliness and social isolation – and mental ill health – all huge costs to individual, and society.

Why does fitness matter?

The evidence of the health benefits of both aerobic exercise and strength and balance training is overwhelming, in terms of limiting the development of chronic disease, disabling conditions, mental ill-health and optimising the likelihood of independent living.

Although people are living longer in the UK, recent research has shown they are spending their later years with more health problems compared to 20 years ago. In 2010 muscular-skeletal disorders (mainly lower back pain and falls) and mental and behavioural disorders (predominantly depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder) were responsible for more than half of all "years lived with disability". With the UK ranking only 12th out of 19 countries of similar affluence in 2010, UK residents enjoy fewer years of good health before they die than the citizens of most comparable European countries as well as Australia and Canada.

Never too late

Fewer than three per cent of over-65s exercise regularly, despite the fact that the health benefits remain, even for those who have not taken up exercise or sport until after 50.  The cost of inactivity has been costed at £8.3 billion.

It's never too late to start, and, surprisingly, fitness matters more than fat!

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