Broomfield House Restoration


Broomfield House, the centrepiece of Broomfield Park, has been swathed in scaffolding since a series of disastrous fires in the 1980s.  Efforts to rebuild it have been led by the Broomfield House Trust and Broomfield House Working Group.  In 2012 they joined forces with Enfield Council to bid for Heritage Lottery Fund money to restore this historic building.

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On 3 March Enfield Council officers and representatives of the Broomfield House Working Group met Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) officers to discuss the reasons for the failure of their recent bid for funds to restore Broomfield House.  They were told that HLF officers had in fact recommended to the board of the National Heritage Memorial Fund that the bid for £4 million funding should pass the first round of decision-making.  In the event, faced with the task of evaluating ten new.......

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