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boundary obelisk at southgate greenAn 18th century stone boundary marker destroyed by council workmen years ago and left in ruins has been rebuilt by local conservation group Southgate Green Association. Local stonemasons Abacus Stone were awarded the task of piecing together the obelisk using methods adopted to restore the temple ruins at Karnak, Egypt. The obelisk is one of two remaining in Enfield.

The obelisk is located on Waterfall Road down the road from The Green, set back from the kerb on the bend and hidden from view behind a tree. It had been lying in pieces on the grass verge for some years.

This is the sister and next in line to the boundary obelisk at Minchenden Lodge.

The obelisk featured in an article published 80 years ago in the Palmers Green Gazette (9th August 1935).The article included a sketch of the obelisk sited on Waterfall Road opposite Chandos Avenue next to Ivy Cottage (Ivy Cottage was demolished to make way for houses built on Waterfall Close).

If anyone has knowledge relating to other similar County Boundary Markers, SGA would be pleased to hear from you at

Chris Horner is Chairman of the Southgate Green Association

Ivy Cottage Waterfall Road


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