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 pg to edmonton quietway screenshotClick on the image to enlargeEnfield Council is planning to create a cycle quietway to provide a safer route between Palmers Green and Edmonton.  The scheme also includes measures to improve pedestrian safety in the Hoppers Road area.

Quietway Link 02 will connect the Palmers Green end of Hoppers Road with the Haselbury area of Edmonton, providing links to the cycle track along the A10 Great Cambridge Road and another quietway between Haselbury and Edmonton Green.  The route will run via Barrowell Green and Firs Farm Park.

Measures to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians include:

  • footway buildouts (incorporating rain gardens) in Hoppers Road and Stonard Road to reduce road width
  • a continuous footway across the junction of Hoppers Road and Stonard Road
  • a ban on parking on the corners of Stonard Road, Avondale Road, Meadowcroft Road, Eaton Park Road and Lytton Avenue
  • cycle-friendly road humps to reduce vehicle speeds along Barrowell Green
  • widening of the pavement where Barrowell Green runs alongside the playing fields to create a pedestrian/cyclist shared space (this stretch of Barrowell Green is little used by pedestrians but is hazardous for cyclists because of the bend in the road)
  • a new raised pedestrian/cyclist crossing across Firs Lane.

Between Firs Lane and the A10 the route uses the new path across Firs Farm Park (lighting will be provided to allow its use at night).  Cyclists will be able to use the underpass beneath the Great Cambridge Road.  The route continues via Deansway towards Quietway Link 03 on Haselbury Road, which provides a link to Edmonton Green.

The council is inviting residents to comment on its plans.  Residents' views will be used to help shape the design for the scheme before a formal consultation is carried out later this year.  Details of the proposals and a form for submitting comments can be found on the Cycle Enfield website under the title "Firs Lane Neighbourhood.  The deadline for comments is 5 August.

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Karl Brown's Avatar
Karl Brown posted a reply #3976 17 Jul 2018 23:49
That’s my walking route of choice when heading in that direction – but they’ll need to remove the no-cycling signs from the A10 underpass. Looking forward to an equivalent PG to Southgate safe route, which will mitigate the current Fox Lane cycling nightmare.
Basil Clarke's Avatar
Basil Clarke posted a reply #3977 18 Jul 2018 00:50

Karl Brown wrote: That’s my walking route of choice when heading in that direction – but they’ll need to remove the no-cycling signs from the A10 underpass. Looking forward to an equivalent PG to Southgate safe route, which will mitigate the current Fox Lane cycling nightmare.

Yes, a safe route to Southgate is essential. I would suggest two routes that would both link up to the Hoppers Road - Edmonton scheme. A direct route with cycle lanes along Bourne Hill and The Bourne (the road is pretty wide) and a Quietway which would go along Woodland Way (or Hillfield Park), Woodcroft, Grovelands Park, Wynchgate, Raleigh Way and Winchmore Hill Road.
Emma Knight's Avatar
Emma Knight posted a reply #4045 12 Sep 2018 10:26
What is meant by footway build outs on Hoppers Road? It is already congested with parking on both sides, the school and the bus route. If the road is narrowed any further it will be awful. I can't find the consultation on the website, so if anyone can give me a link I'd be grateful.
Basil Clarke's Avatar
Basil Clarke posted a reply #4046 12 Sep 2018 17:00

The final consultation phase (statutory consultation) starts today and closes on 7th October. The new link is though the consultation is badly named, as it affects much more than just Firs Lane.

There is also a statutory consultation about a quiet route through the Haselbury Road area - there have been some changes to the original proposals. See

The pavement build outs are intended to make Hoppers Road less "awful" for people on foot and on bikes so as to provide a safer route from Hoppers Road to Firs Farm and Great Cambridge Road.

Congestion is caused by there being too many cars on the road and by on-street parking manoeuvres. You can't get rid of it by widening roads or building new roads - they just fill up and cause more congestion further on. In any case, there is only single-file traffic along Hoppers Road. And the fact that there is a school along there makes it all the more important to reduce the amount of traffic using the road and to stop speeding cars.
David Hughes's Avatar
David Hughes posted a reply #4048 12 Sep 2018 17:49
I wonder if the appropriate response to Emma Knight's contribution on 12 September is: "Awful for whom?". Residents, walkers, cyclists, drivers, all of them?

Whilst I haven't undertaken a detailed analysis of the proposals, or even kept up with the general thrust of the Council's plans, I wonder whether the aim, other than to create a Quietway to Edmonton, is to discourage through traffic (primarily on behalf of residents) since it runs parallel with Green Lanes (A105) which these days is itself less than congenial for short, driver-only journeys. After all, Enfield Council seems to have joined the ranks of councils encouraging walking and cycling.

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