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Enfield Council has published more information about the design concepts for the main Cycle Enfield ("Mini-Holland") routes, together with feedback from the consultations held at the Fox and other venues.  There is still time to comment on the concepts before the next consultation phase begins in the summer.

Information from the Fox exhibition now online

The Cycle Enfield team have uploaded to their website the "opportunities plan" for the entire stretch of the A105 between Enfield Town and Palmers Green.  An excerpt from the plan, showing Palmers Green town centre, is shown here, but you can download the complete map from here .

opportunties plan palmers green a105

The street cross section concepts that were on show are also available online:

Public comments now online

The Cycle Enfield team has transcribed the contents of all the post-its that were stuck on the maps by visitors.  Unfortunately, many comments are extremely specific and make little or no sense when stripped of context (such as whereabouts on the map they refer to).  However, what is clear is that with regard to the overall concept there was a range of opinion from outright rejection to enthusiastic acceptance.  Many of the comments relate to people's personal knowledge of particular features of the route seen from the perspective of shopkeepers, pedestrians, motorists, people who used buses or people who ride, or would like to ride, bicycles.

In due course the team will also transcribe and upload all the longer comments that visitors wrote on A4 sheets of paper once they had reached the final part of the exhibition ("Zone 7").

Once the next design stage is complete the team will produce a document to show how each of the comments received from the public has been taken into consideration.

What next?

There will be a second round of public events over the summer, where more detailed "second stage" designs covering the complete length of each route will be on show.  There will also be a special consultation event for businesses.

Formal consultation over the final design proposals will follow.  The Cycle Enfield team will write to all businesses and residents "located along the main road routes".

However, confining formal consultation to businesses and people along the main roads hardly seems adequate, since the main roads, and particularly the town centres, are used by drivers, shoppers, pedestrians and cyclists who live in a far more extensive area, and their interests and views will also need to be taken into account.  It will therefore be essential for the consultation to be on a much wider basis.

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Brian Bartram's Avatar
Brian Bartram posted a reply #1182 01 May 2015 10:36
The number of cyclists is small , but a very vociferous number. Many people of advance years cannot now cycle in the hilly area east and west of Green Lanes so use public transport which is now much improved with buses into the back streets- especially now that there is the freedom pass Numbers using buses far outnumber the cyclists, but buses will be consideably slower under the proposals. Mainly for this reason I oppose the proposals.
David Hughes's Avatar
David Hughes posted a reply #1871 10 Dec 2015 23:47
I understand from Paul Rogers (In shorthand, Cycle Czar) that contributions to the consultation about Enfield high street (Church Street) are slow in coming, which may be because people from our place and others feel that the issues are a matter for more local residents. To the contrary people local to us pass through it and shop there, and one of the aims is to create a Space/Destination which is worth a visit for it's own sake.

To my mind there also two other factors which matter:
  • 50 buses an hour pass along Church Street so for people who depend on local buses it's very important that the proposals are tenable, and
  • though not directly part of Mini-Holland and not part of the consultation, there is a long term proposal, subject to the adoption of the consultation, to push the Enfield Town rail station back down the line and create a Plaza in front of it.
Such a space at the end of the high street would be big attraction.

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