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clare richmond video screenshotHow do we regenerate our high street?  A topic which has been much discussed on this website.  Unfortunately, there's no easy answer, and it's not as if the problem was confined to Palmers Green.  Having said that, it might be a national issue, but the solution will be unique to PG and have to be developed locally, using community engagement.  That's the lesson imparted by Clare Richmond, one of the guest speakers appearing on Sunday at the PG Festival's Speakers Corner

Involving the grassroots community was key to the success of a project to revive the centre of Crouch End, which according to Clare as recently as 2007 was looking somewhat shabby, with vacant shops becoming a more frequent sight.

Clare was concerned about the future of her local high street and in 2007, "almost by accident", launched the Crouch End Project.  The project has proved a great success, and Clare now works as a consultant to local government and private business on regeneration.  She's been invited to present at the Speakers Corner to share her findings about how grassroots community engagement can lift the local economy - in fact, the motto of Speak To - Clare's consultancy - is  "Inspiring a Grassroots Attitude".

Clare's slot at the Speakers Corner will be from 3.45 to 4.20pm.  To  get the best out of this short time, I'd advise first watching this interview, carried out by Francis Sealey of Enfield Voices, which starts with a presentation by Clare.

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