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pinkham way petitionThe Pinkham Way Alliance is urging supporters to sign an online petition calling for the removal of a local nature conservation site from the North London Waste Plan.  The petition is addressed to Haringey Council, but residents of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey are all eligible to sign.  To be effective, supporters need to sign by 12th November.

The land in question, now dense woodland, was the location of a long abandoned sewage works adjacent to the Pinkham Way section of the North Circular Road.  Despite its nature conservation status, it is earmarked as a possible site for a waste treatment plant.  Earlier this month the campaigners succeeded in persuading an important committee that the present dual classification of the land makes absolutely no sense.

Stephen Brice, chair of the Pinkham Way Alliance, has emailed supporters asking them to sign and to attend a key meeting on 13th November.


In a landmark 6-5 vote, Haringey's Regulatory Committee chose to advise the Council to drop Pinkham Way nature conservation site from the North London Waste Plan (NLWP).

Let's make this a major turning point and get the site removed once and for all from a waste plan that should never have included it.

Please sign our online petition urging Haringey to accept the recommendation of its Regulatory Committee. The deadline is Monday 12 November.

All over 18s in your house hold can sign individually. Please persuade your local friends and neighbours to add their names - many of them do not receive these emails. For those not online, you could offer to input their details yourself.

This petition is hosted by campaign site 38 Degrees. Please forward the link out to as many of your relevant networks as you can (school parents, clubs, local business, etc):


The key Haringey Cabinet meeting is on Tuesday 13 November at 6.30pm.

Your magnificent support at the recent Regulatory Committee meeting helped us win the vote. Please keep this date free if you can - a strong PWA presence on the night will be essential.

Haringey Council has seen a big shake-up this year, and its new politicians have stressed that things are going to change for the better. Let's hold them to their word.

We'll be in touch again soon.

Stephen Brice
Chair, Pinkham Way Alliance

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Karl Brown's Avatar
Karl Brown posted a reply #4199 08 Nov 2018 12:19
8th November - Haringey Cabinet have deferred looking at the new North London Waste Plan at this month’s meeting. That consideration will now take place on 22nd January 2019, to give them time to properly consider the recommendation of their own Regulatory Committee who concluded that the Grade 1 Site of Nature Conservation (SINC), commonly known as “Pinkham Way”, be removed as a site available for waste dumping or waste processing.
“Pinkham Way” is between the north circular and Muswell Hill golf course (forming part of a wider green corridor) on the left after you pass under the mainline railway bridge heading west on the north circular. The mainline railway forms its eastern boundary, housing and a park to its west.
Your signature to the current petition can only assist in stopping the extraordinary haemorrhage of unnecessary public sector cash this exercise has caused over the last eight years. Enfield Cabinet meets to approve, or otherwise, the same plan next week (14th).
Karl Brown's Avatar
Karl Brown posted a reply #4203 11 Nov 2018 11:45
As a little background to anyone thinking of signing the PWA petition but still making their minds up: At the start of the plan period, the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) are planning to deal with a staggering 140% of the amount of waste required of them by the Mayor as their share of London’s total waste, and even more by the end. To manage this, they reckon they need up to 9 hectares of new land (a figure that is going to be hard to justify) and so, to be on the safe side, they have identified 93.45 hectares, more than ten times the amount. This land would then be waste protected, ie not available for other use. All of it is (rightly) classified as Industrial land. But it seems even that is not enough, so on top of all that, they make a grab for a Site of Nature Conservation, “Pinkham Way”, of close to 6 hectares, making a total of 99.35 hectares. Nothing like a margin of error!

Why? Why have they spent ballpark £35m so far on buying it (about £12m) and then fees to consultants, lawyers and such on top to get this far?

Every previous iteration of the plan suggested on analysis that they needed no extra land at all. We will wait for the detailed numbers this time, but expect no change in that position.

Without looking, I’ve little doubt I’ll find councils spelling out how committed they are to protecting the environment. Well, let’s see how committed Enfield Cabinet is this week when they shouldn't be signing off this plan with Pinkham Way included.

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